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Opus Causes a Stir Part II

20100517_3072 blog
Jubilee and Grandma Cindy (my mom)

Opus it seems is vying for attention again. Since he was discovered transverse (sideways) at my 35-week appointment, he has made at least three more moves from vertical to transverse. There is no mistaking a full-term sideways baby. Saturday he was sideways again, and while Chuck and I watched a movie after putting the children to bed, he made his slow vertical rotation. This is quite painful because of his size…he got 3/4 of the way turned, then couldn’t fit his bottom under my ribs. He had to finish his move in the night while I lay in bed. 

My midwife is “pretty sure” he is head down. Not that it matters, since he can turn at any time. The consensus from yesterday’s visit was I need to go in for an ultrasound to rule out any issues preventing him from getting into position. And since I’m 38 weeks pregnant, we don’t have a whole lot of time. I’ll be calling first thing this morning to hopefully get an appointment by Friday.

In other news, Ezra (18) got a job working in the kitchen at one of our local Boy Scout camps. He will begin that in July. This will be his first job and we are very excited for him. We have two weeks left of school and are trying to wrap everything up before Opus’s arrival. The weather has been horrible and rainy, so it hasn’t been too difficult to stay focused on schoolwork. 

I have had many requests for an “anniversary post” talking about how Chuck and I met and fell in love. I am considering this. If I get some great surge of mental energy, I’ll tackle the job. It’ll take some effort digging through photos and records…and effort is something I’m trying to avoid as much as possible these days 🙂 

Well, the sun is out this morning. Perhaps my children will get to break in the Slip-N-Slide, purchased weeks ago, on sheer faith that the sun had to come out sometime!

All turned out blissfully normal at my ultrasound appointment yesterday. Opus is head down (head actually off to the side, not near my cervix, but down…) and my placenta is up high. We are so thankful to the Lord that everything is looking good. Now I can relax and look forward to another home birth.

I don’t routinely go in for ultrasounds. We had one for Iris because our midwife’s office in Hawaii required it. I had one with Tucker because our midwife couldn’t “rule out the possibility of twins” and I had one at nine weeks, to date this baby, because I had no idea when I got pregnant.

This time it was amazing to see an ultrasound of a full-term baby! We got to see several close-up shots of the baby’s face. It was crazy! The technician commented on our baby’s chubby cheeks, all smooshed up. And his frown! Oh, Opus. He was pouting the entire time, his little mouth turned down in a grumpy frown. It was so funny! The technician commented that he sure didn’t look happy, but in Opus’s defense, she did have the ultrasound wand shoved in his face…we also saw him sucking away, dreaming of the day he is born and gets to nurse!

She found his head right away, so his face is the first thing we saw, but he kept moving his hand up in front of it (trying to suck his thumb?) and she said, “Oh, there’s his hand…and a foot!” he was folded entirely in half, both hands and feet next to his head. Looks like he’ll be nice and bendable when it comes to newborn photos!

I am so happy to find all is well inside his warm, cozy world. So of course last night I dreamed I had the baby…between seeing his face in the ultrasound and dreaming of giving birth, I can hardly stand the wait. I was doing just fine up until now.

I plan to have Iris or Chuck update the blog with the gender and name shortly after I give birth, so you won’t have to wait until I’m up and around to hear the news…

Nine days and counting…



  1. Marie

    Each time I see your mom, I’m struck with how pretty she is!
    Here’s praying Opus behaves him/her self over the next couple weeks….darn kids. 🙂

  2. EV

    Our oldest rotated after term plus 1 week.
    We had just gone in for an ultrasound to “make sure everything was ok”. We would look for inducement the following week if needed. OK.
    Afterwards we went to walk and shop. He flipped. I hit the floor of the grocery store. I didn’t know what happened. It just hurt a lot.
    I feel for you. Good times.

  3. Angie

    I had this same issue with Henry and he was born 8lbs 13 oz. It wasn’t a fun last few weeks of pregnancy but (for encouragement!) his birth was no prob.
    Way to go Ezra!

  4. Jessi

    I don’t know if you’ve been asked this before, but now that I’m having a 4th child people say things like “you know how to prevent that, right?” and “going for your own baseball team?” How do you handle that?
    I just don’t think 4 is that many first off, and second, why are my reproductive choices on the table for discussion?

  5. Kate Alva

    @Jess, here is what I would do. Cock your head to the side and say, NO, we don’t. Can you please help????? Just make them feel like the idiot they are for asking. Sheesh. People.
    Renee, why should it matter if it’s raining or not for the S&S? I mean, they DO intend to get wet, right? HA ha ha….
    And, your mom is simply beautiful and just really doesn’t look old enough to be your mom.

  6. Ellen in Kalamazoo (PS yes, we saw the President on Monday!)

    Wow – this is getting so close! I haven’t “been by” in a while, life remains hectic (not that I have to tell YOU that!!) Something that might be helpful in getting Opus into position: at night, in the dark, have Chuck place a bright flashlight right up against you where you think Opus’ head is, and slowly move it downward – babies often follow the light! I heard this several times during my years as an LLL Leader from moms who said it worked for them! Will pray that Baby moves into position – soon!!! The boys send lots of love to their sibs and co-sibs – they are very excited about this baby as well!

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