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Pacific​ Northwest Alphabet Books and Activities

Pacific northwest alphabet books and activities.
Fun activites to go along with these Pacific Northwest Aphabet Books.

Pacific Northwest Alphabet Books and Activities

The only thing I love more than a trip to the library to stock up on gifts is creating fun activities to go along with the books. On a recent trip, I gathered up a bunch of books all about the Pacific Northwest and put together these activities to enjoy.

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Alphabet Book List for a Pacific Northwest Unit Study

West Coast Wild: A Nature Alphabet Book

West Coast Wild: A Nature Alphabet by Deborah Hodge

This book is thoughtfully written with beautiful, calming scenes from the Pacific Northwest. From blackberries to rivers and forests, so much of this is familiar to my kids. They have all grown up right here in this corner of the US and I loved seeing our home so beautifully depicted.

B is For Bear: A Nature Alphabet by Hanna Viano

B is for Bear: A Nature Alphabet with activities.

B is for bear was another favorite. Its illustrations are very unique. She says on her website, “Most of my artwork is done with an X-acto blade and black sheets of paper.” B is For Bear is full of her beautiful papercut artwork.

B is for Bear: A Nature Alphabet about the Pacific Northwest

Viano has several other children’s books including S is for Salmon and Arrow to Alaska.

Seattle ABC: A Larry Gets Lost Book is perfect for a Pacific Northwest Unit study.

Seattle ABC: A Larry Gets Lost Book

This book is perfect for any kids growing up in western Washington. They are sure to be familiar with all the sites such as the Space Needle and COFFEE. Seattle ABC gives a view into the urban side of the Pacific Northwest.

These Pacific Northwest alphabet books make a perfect unit study.
udy. Use these Pacific Northwest Alphabet Books to create a fun and simple unit st

Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast

This book isn’t an alphabet book but is a great resource if you live in the Pacific Northwest. We have owned our copy for years and as you can tell it is well-loved and dog-eared.

“Filled with fun facts and 100 full-color, beautiful, and scientifically accurate illustrations, this nature guide will inspire kids to go outdoors and discover the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest.”


B is for Beaver: An Oregon Alphabet

“In B is for Beaver, the Smiths’ rhyming verse and sidebar expository text illuminate the wonders of Hell’s Canyon, the lush lands of the Willamette Valley, and the surging seas of the neighboring Pacific Ocean. An effective educational tool inside the classroom and out, readers of all ages in the state of Oregon and beyond can embark on this journey any time they wish.”

Easy Salmon Patty Recipe for Kids

Easy salmon patty recipe for kids is perfect to go along with a study of the Pacific Northwest.

Looking for a fun and easy recipe for your kids? These salmon patties are easy to make and can be ready in about 15-minutes. This is a great starter recipe for kids just learning to cook in the kitchen.

This easy salmon patty recipe is great for kids!

This salmon patty recipes uses just a few simple ingredients. Salmon, buttery crackers, eggs, salt and pepper and lemon pepper.

Easy salmon patty recipe for kids.

Open one can of salmon, drain the water, and put in medium bowl.

This salmon patty recipe is a great strarter recipe for kids.

Use your hands to break the chunks of salmon into smaller, evenly sized pieces.

Pacific Northwest Unit study with salmon patty recipe.

In sepearate bowl, beat two eggs and pour over salmon.

Pour crushed crackers into egg and salmon mixture.

Crush 3/4 cup of buttery crackers and pour over salmon and eggs.

Adding lemon pepper to salmon patties gives them a bit of zing!

Pour in two teaspoons of lemon pepper and 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

Easy salmon patty recipe can be ready in a jiffy.

Mix your salmon patty mixture by hand.

Use your hands to mix all ingredients.

Form salmon mixture into a small patty.

Form salmon patty mixture into patties with your hand.

Form the salmon mixture into a patty with your hands. Put on a skillet that has been heated to medium higha and greased with a drizzle of olive oil.

Cook for 2-3 minutes on each side until cooked through. Serve with tartar sauce and blackberry muffins.

Easy salmon patties will add flavor and fun to your specific northwest unit study.


Activities for a Pacific Northwest Study

Here are some fun and easy activities to do with your kids. Learning should be fun so whatever you do, don’t stress out about this stuff. Grab some books and see where your curiosity takes you. 

Make Salmon Patties (recipe below)

Bake blackberry or blueberry muffins

Color map of the Pacific Northwest.

Find the capitals of each state.

Go on a nature walk

Make applesauce 

Make apple crisp

Resources to Learn about the Pacific Northwest

PNW homeschool hiking adventures. Our homeschoolers tackle North Lake Whatcom Trail.

Native People of the American Northwest Coast

A great resource from National Geograpic for Kids.

Lummi Facts for Kids

This resourcess will give your kids an overview and understanding of the first people here in the Pacific Northwest Coast.

Animals in the Pacific Ocean

All About Salmon

Teaching Kids About Northwest Native Plants

10 Best Kid-Friendly Hikes in the Pacific Northwest

Learn about Sasquatch

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