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Pop Arty Beads and Viruses

The other day Apollo was sitting next to me on the couch playing with this cool set of Pop Arty Beads we have. Then he held this up and said,

Look, Mom, this is a virus. It attacks your heart and makes you very sick!”

Oh, wow...” I said. I hope there is medicine to make you better.”

He then held up another creation and said, “Nope. But this is the antibody!

Um, yeah, I was a bit taken aback. First of all, that he would talk about a virus attacking your heart. And even more so that the creation actually looked like a virus…and even more so by the fact that he used the word “antibody”.

When I thought about it, I realized he has learned all about viruses and antibodies from our Max Axiom books. This books are awesome for homeschooling (or learning in general) but annoying as heck to read aloud (they are written in a graphic novel style)….it’s nice to know he is actually listening and learning when I read them.I bought these Pop Arty Beads at a consignment store recently (but Amazon sells them; feel free to use my affiliate link). My kids love building necklaces and bracelets…but most of all different viruses…what can I say? They are homeschooled. These are portable and great for keeping Apollo occupied. They do have small parts, so aren’t recommended for kids under age three, but I love that they can build and rebuilt and that we don’t have to keep 482 necklaces around the house.

These will definitely be in my Keep the Preschooler Occupied arsenal for homeschooling this far. What are your favorite activities for keeping your little ones busy?


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  1. Elizabeth

    A friend gave these as a gift to my five year olds. I wasn’t sure they would get played with, but it turns out they have been in fairly constant use. I have yet to seen any viruses created, though. (I love that.) Really I just wanted to second the recommendation. Oh, but the downside is that I have been wearing some unusual necklaces about town because one of the girls really, really, really wants me to wear her latest creation.

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