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Six Months: Apollo Update

IMG_3472_0481 blog

Half a year has gone by since this little man joined our family. He entered this world with a blast of action and noise that hasn’t stopped since. His first half a year has brought us: a cord prolapse, an ambulance ride, an emergency c-section, frenulum clipping, and two rounds of antibiotics. Plus, very little sleep and immeasurable joy.

He is weighing in at 14 pounds, exactly what he weighed at four months….I’ll be talking to his doctor about it and very likely taking him to our midwife (who’s also a naturopathic doctor). I’ve read plenty on the internet about babies not gaining weight. He nurses plenty (believe me :). Most things I read actually suggest not adding in solids for a baby who’s not gaining weight…the foods he’d be eating at this age have fewer fat and calories than breastmilk. And if you know Apollo, you are aware that he is very, very active. Clearly not a lethargic baby that is wasting away, but more like a wild man who burns too many calories.

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Apollo is now napping very well most days. Nights are, well, a challenge still. Because of his lack of weight gain, I nurse him every time he wakes up…some nights it’s two or three times. Other nights five or six.

But who could resist those beautiful brown eyes? Not this mama.

Apollo can sit up pretty well, but will still lose his balance and fall down eventually. He gets up on his hands and knees. He inch-worms forward. He has learned how to bang things. He has begun vocalizing again and is blowing raspberries.

Apollo has no teeth and has not started solids yet. On a whim last week I put some avocado in his mouth and he acted like I was killing him. Christmas day Iris gave him some squash which he sucked off her finger with interest…then puked up two minutes later (he doesn’t spit up so this is unusual).

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He didn’t really eat this Snickers bar, though it may be just the thing to help him put on weight.



  1. Hannah

    He’s a doll!
    I wish I could remember where online, but I recently read an article by a BFing mother whose baby had the same weight gain issues as yours. Her article was more about the pressure from docs to switch to formula but the interesting point of the article was that her c-section born babe had a GI infection, acted fine, but his little bdy was burning through calories like crazy fighting the infection and so he stayed small until the infection was treated.
    Sorry about the crazy typing – typing w 1 hand as I nurse. :)

  2. Emily G

    He is such an adorable baby. What a perfect complexion!
    I hope you get him gaining soon. My son weighs 14lbs8oz at 9 weeks. I sort of envy you. Mine get so heavy so fast, it wears out your arms. They can’t hold on at this age, they’re just wriggling dead weight, and it’s hard sometimes.

  3. Non-Mommy

    It wouldn’t let me leave a note on your last page, but I wanted to say that together, you and Chuck make a killer team – what can’t you both do?!
    This hat is ADORABLE!
    As to the link above, the hospitals around here do not allow photography during a birth, either.

  4. Heather

    wow he’s already up on hands and knees? Sounds like he is just burning way more calories than he can ingest. He looks bright eyed and alert. Obviously you need to confer with your docs, but I think you shouldn’t worry…your guy is not a moose, no biggie. he is clearly developing well! My 18 month old has 5 teeth…the dentist assured me it’s not a race, the later they come in the healthier they’ll be.
    He is so cute. I can not believe 6 whole months have passed.

  5. Conversatio in Caelis

    He is soooo cute!
    Apollo looks healthy, so I don’t think you have to worry – but I’ll pray for some weight gain.
    My daughter is 11 months old and reacted quite similarly when we offered solids to her (like we gave her poison…). It’s just three days ago she started “eating” – that is, squishing cookies and spreading the mess all around :-)

  6. Heather

    Peyton had the same issue at a year. Burned calories to fast (he was 19 lbs, i think). The dr had me put him on a high calorie diet. Now he is 3.5 and they tell me he is borderline overweight! Good luck with Apollo.

  7. Sarah Harbottle

    My youngest stayed the same weight for many months. I didn’t worry too much because he was growing in length and nursed like a champ. We delayed any solid foods until 10 to 11 months old. He seemed to stay at 19 pounds forever. He is now almost 22 months, and has only recently finally added about four pounds. What’s funny is he is no longer nursing and is starting to become much pickier in his eating, but now he is gaining. Go figure!

  8. jo

    My son is still a sm 10 yr old, his 8 yr old sister is nearly the same sz. He just runs small, was born small, super active crawled/walked so young he just stayed tiny. She was born 18 mo later and by the time she was 6 mo old weighed the same as he at 2 yrs. The doctors always told me he was in the bottom 10 % which worried me, because if he dropped to the 5% (so mil doc told me) they would require regular tests and check up on our home…oh my. They did agree, however, that his active behaviour perhaps added to his teeny size.

  9. Sophie

    I just visited a friend whose daughter was not gainning weight on breast milk only. She introduced solids and the baby has been gaining weight. OF course she refuses anything like a vegetable, but at least she’s gainning weight. Maybe your milk has changed and is not nutritious enough anymore… That would be sad, but it does happen.

  10. Rhonda A.

    Just enjoying your blogs…finding ideas for my family of 5 kids…anyway, I saw this post…have you had his Vitamin D levels checked??? I have a 15 month old that has a hard time gaining weight, sweaty head, large fontanel, not sitting at 9 months…I nursed all the time, plus supplemented w/ raw goats milk for the fat…Vit D ..15 (range 30-100)
    Dr. totally missed the Vit D thing, the Lord led me to this as I prayed and googled….please check his Vit D levels…if low, min. 1000 i.u. 3x a day, plus digestive enzyme….email me anytime…blessings!

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