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Apollo: Five Months Old

Apollo 5 months old
Yes, its true. Little Apollo is five months old!

Apollo at 5 Months Old

Month four was a rough one for us. When I did his four month pictures I said his photos weren’t all that great because he was just getting over a cold. Well, he better for about a week, then has been sick since then. He’s had two trips to the doctor and two different antibiotics. Worst of all, he’s lost weight. I am sad to report that although he weight 14 pounds exactly at four months, he now weighs only 13 pounds 11 ounces. The first few days he was sick he wasn’t eating well…I think ears were probably hurting him. Now he back to eating, and hopefully he will gain back the weight he lost.

Apollo five months old 02

Apollo is Rolling Over!

In other news, Apollo is on the move. Not only can he roll all over, its obvious he now realizes he can get where he wants by rolling…watch out world. He is also able to inch worm himself forward to grab things. Speaking of grabbing, nothing is safe with Apollo nearby. I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise to any of you that he’s a very determined little boy.

5 Month Milestones

This month Apollo has been laughing, chomping and growling. He naps well during the day, and has been falling asleep in the Ergo once a day or so. I am hoping he keeps that up. I love to have him be able to fall asleep in the Ergo when we’re ¬†out of the house.

Within days of posting last month that he had begun sucking his thumb, he decided to try out his fingers as well. Right now he fluctuates between his thumb and first two fingers (like Avi). When we put him in his crib for naps, he pops his thumb in his mouth and drifts off to sleep…

Apollo Still Can’t Sleep

Night time sleep has been horrible this month. Probably worse than its ever been. He is now napping well during the day, but with being sick his night time sleep has really regressed. First he was feverish, then stuffed up and snotty, then he developed a cough…so I’ve been up and up and up with him at night…but I’m thankful he’s at least sleeping during the day. Hopefully once he gets well he will begin to sleep better at night again.

Here’s to hoping that the upcoming month brings weight gain, sleep, and good health.



  1. Sarah

    After I think 3 postings with Apollo in that cute outfit I have to comment. Not only is he adorable, but he looks sharp! My son is wearing the same outfit because I loved them last year. I also love the hats you knit. A very cute babe!

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