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Apollo’s Vest: Baby T-Shirt Vest from Sam Lamb

IMG_4158_1071 blog

Why is Apollo so happy?

Because I finished his new vest, of course!

IMG_4146_1059 blog

He was even nice enough to pose in it for me.

This vest is the Baby T-Shirt Vest. I found it on Ravelry (whatever you do, DO NOT click on the link to Ravelry….you will spend hours scouring the site for the perfect pattern…which will lead to a trip to the yarn store for the perfect yarn, which will lead to buy not only the perfect yarn, but several other skeins- just in case..yeah, DON’T click on that link).

The actual pattern is here at Sam Lamb. I’ll admit, the pattern was a bit confusing at first, but I followed it on faith, and the sweater turned out just right.

IMG_4152_1065 blog

It is just perfect down to the cute little buttons on the shoulder.

I love the fit of this vest. It’s long and baggy now, but not bulky and cumbersome. Apollo will be wearing it for a long time- up until his first birthday, I’m sure. That’s one of the advantages to a baby who never grows. He can wear his hand knit items for.ever. And we never had to buy him new clothes. Or larger diapers. What a savings!

By the way, like photography, I’m a self-taught knitter. I got a book from the library and taught myself to knit thirteen years ago when Judah was just a baby. My technique is a bit odd, I’ll admit, but clearly it works. I don’t remember which book I used to teach myself to knit, but my all time favorite general knitting book is Knitting in Plain English. Not only is the book clear and informative, but the author has a great writing style and she actually makes a technical book about knitting a fun read.

IMG_4153_1066 blog

Happy Baby.

IMG_4154_1067 blog

Sweet Baby.

IMG_4175_1088 blog

All Done Taking Pictures Baby.


  1. Nicole

    Ha! I love that last shot! Really nice vest. Thanks for the knitting link – I have been trying to teach myself but with minimal (read pretty lousy) results.

  2. Bess

    Laughing out loud at those precious pictures! Love them! A long time crocheter, I’m now trying to teach myself to knit. Slow process…

  3. jo

    I taught myself to knit a couple of months ago-er, um, my husband learned and showed me… then I watched the videos too.We used bc continental method was easier for me, I didnt like eng method growing up so never learned it. Just avoided… In 2 months with that site I learned a lot and love it! Now I am addicted to yarn and new needles… as if I needed something new! The vest is adorable and cant wait to be that good!

  4. Angela

    OK, I can’t knit…
    But I just wanted to say, “You’re amazing!; sleep deprived, dinner for 15, and you knit that super-cute sweater!! – wow!

  5. Lou

    Love love love the last shot!! Wish I could learn to knit. I have tried several times, but somehow I am just…well…not any good. But I WILL knit myself a jumper before I die. (It’s on my bucket list!)

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