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Apollo at Six Months Old: All Paid Off

Apollo six months old

Apollo XIV, six months

At Six Months Old Apollo is Officially Paid Off

The big news in ApolloLand is that Chuck just made our very last payment to the hospital. Between the ambulance ride, emergency c-section, stay in the special care nursery and frenulectomy┬á(tongue-tied surgery), his bills topped $26,000. And let me tell you, he’s worth every penny!

*And if you’re a new reader and somehow missed his amazing, exciting and terrifying birth story, you can read it here*

Yes, we have health insurance, and no we didn’t have to pay the entire $26,000. However, even the portion we had to pay has taken this long to pay off.

As you can see, he is can hold him self upright. He still commando crawls, still only weighs 14 pounds and still wakes me up at least every two hours per night. He can sit on his own now and has begun eating food. In true Apollo style, he turns his nose up at baby things like carrots and squash, in favor of more mature cuisine such as Asian salad and refried beans.

Apollo has always done things his own way, and I expect he always will.

That’s just how he rolls…



  1. CC Smith

    I voted! Apollo is totally the cutest baby in town.
    We are still “paying for” our youngest daughter and she will be two next month. Her birth and four surgeries cost well over $200,000. Our insurance is pretty good but we will probably won’t get it paid off until it’s time to start paying for college.

  2. Davene Grace

    He is DEFINITELY the cutest baby in Bellingham! Thanks for letting us know about that contest; it was fun to vote for him. ­čÖé
    And whew! $26,000? Ouch! But you said it exactly: he’s worth every penny.
    I hope you have a restful Sunday!

  3. Heather

    Between my antepartum hospitalization and my son’s 59 days in the NICU our bill was $304,000. Hooray for a catastrophic cap on our out of pocket expense! When that final payment is made it sure is a relief to know you don’t have to worry about the hospital trying to repo your cutie!

  4. Renee Smith

    OK, so I voted for Apollo – he is the cutest baby in B’ham and even the state! I can say that because my 2 haven’t been babies for a loooong time. When I registered to vote I somehow signed up for the “People who look like their pets” contest! Glad I got that corrected as Apollo definitely is a baby and doesn’t look like a dog!

  5. TonyM

    American medical costs are crazy. Here in Ireland, the cost would have been less than ÔéČ7500($10,200). Most people don’t even have health insurance as the relatively lower cost of medical care doesn’t warrant it. And medical care is free for those who can’t afford it anyway.

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