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Apollo XIV {Seven Months}

Apollo 7 monts_1426 blog

Apollo has finally surpassed his four month weight! He is now weighing in at *drumroll please* fourteen pounds, two ounces. He's gained a whopping two ounces in the last three months. At least he's on the upswing…

Apollo 7 monts_1463 blog

It's been a big month, for Mister Apollo…he's begun eating solid food- as long as we offer him the real thing that is. Forget baby stuff like pureed veggies and blended up oatmeal…he likes pizza crust, Asian salad, peas, carrots and corn in bite sized pieces. Graham crackers and bananas. Whatever we're eating, that's his type of food. 

Apollo 7 monts_1446 blog

The last two nights he's slept 3.5 hours straight! Looks like maybe all that food is having a soporific effect on this boy. Thank God for small miracles…

Apollo 7 monts_1435 blog 

Apollo is now getting on his hands and knees and crawling a couple of paces before he collapses…he's right on the verge of real crawling. And boy is he ever proud of it! He's always been a quite, non-vocal baby, but it seems he's discovered his voice. He now crawls around the living room with glee, making funny baby noises all the time. 

He feels liberated, it seems, and finally has something to shout about. He has been happier, louder, and more mobile these last two days that in his entire life.

I can't wait to see what month eight brings!


  1. Delia Brands

    Maybe the increased mobility & exercise learning to crawl is making him tired enough to sleep longer…When he’s older, you’re going to have to make him run laps around the outside of the house before putting him to bed!

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