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Stitches for Apollo

Yesterday was the first Saturday in weeks that we had “free”. Between  Chuck working overtime and life with a dozen or so kids, we’ve been busy. We were determined to take full advantage and Chuck was determined to fix our leaking shower. The day was off to a great start. Our living room was clean and swept, couches had been moved swept under. Walls wiped down and dust removed. Laundry was caught up, with the last load going and we were about halfway through doing a deep clean of the little boys’ room.

Then Apollo slipped and fell right into our LEGO table. I was right there and knew he would need stitches before the wound even began to bleed. Chuck was getting ready to pick up the final parts for the shower, but we loaded up and headed to the ER instead. I hate injuries on the weekends…

WARNING: Graphic Photo


Apollo waiting for stitches in his face.

It took three and a half hours to get treated and released. Apollo got a great Physician’s Assistant who did an awesome job sewing him up. He spoke directly to Apollo and treated him like a person in his own right. He even spelled S-T-I-T-C-H-E-S so he wouldn’t get worried.

It was  traumatic for Apollo, of course, but he fell asleep in the exam room and slept until it was time for stitches, so he at least got a break from his anxiety. Afterward we told him he could pick anything he wanted for lunch (the incident happened at noon so he hadn’t eaten). He wanted to got to Haggen (our local grocery store) and chose: Salt and Pepper chips, chicken strips, grapes and strawberries.

When we were released I called to let the kids know we were on our way home. Judah responded: “I don’t want to worry you, but we were outside and Avi got hit in the face with a stick. She bled quite a bit and you can see the injury on the inside and outside of her mouth…”  Chuck and I were envisioning taking Apollo home and returning to the ER with Avi. As it turned out, the injury on the outside was an abrasion and on the inside a cut from her tooth. The kids did a fantastic job with her. They gave her: ice, an ibuprofen and a popsicle. They know their first aid, let me tell you!

Apollo with three stitches in his face.

In the end the shower didn’t get fixed until today and the little boys’ room still isn’t finished. The day did not go at all how we planned. I am just glad we are home and the worst is over.



  1. jessilee82

    Been there :/ My son got his first stitches at 2 at the children’s museum.. arguable the safest place for kids 🙂 We were offered and opted for sedation. A quick shot in the thigh and he fell asleep. He was super afraid of dr’s at that age so it made it less difficult emotionally for him. Two months later he fell and needed stitches again in his face(he always falls on his face, even now at 7) and we did the same thing. It’s such a fine line to walk, especially when kids are afraid of the dr.
    I’m glad he handled it like a champ and that Avi was ok.

  2. Melpub

    This brings me back to the afternoon when for once, nobody had an activity–soccer was cancelled, so was a music lesson–and I envisioned a quiet afternoon at home with the then five-and-seven year old. While eating lunch, the seven-year-old wildly gesticulated, describing his school day, and he had in one hand a pen, which, just as I was opening my mouth to say “put that thing down,” flew out of his hand and landed in the white of his sister’s eye, which bled . . .both children were crying and screaming from pain and shock, I was dialing the ophthalmologist, who, because it was a Wednesday afternoon in Germany, wasn’t open, but within five minutes that seemed a thousand years I had the emergency physician, and within another ten we were there–at which point both kids were laughing, and I was having chest pains. All in a day. Not the first time. . . . nor the last

  3. Tanya Redfield

    Well, if not for the stitches it might have been an ordinary day, soon forgotten… but now you will never forget the day the shower needed fixing! 🙂 And someday when that shower starts to drip you’ll be able to remember exactly how old the plumbing is! haha So glad everyone is ok… and glad you didn’t have to go back with Avi. Those pictures of Apollo just make me want to kiss his boo boo and make it all better!

  4. Julie

    Oh golly… of all the kids for it to happen to, why it’s the one that’s seen the inside of the hospital more times than the rest combined… go figure! He’s a trooper. Praying this little episode gives him confidence rather than more trauma,


    PS And glad Avi wasn’t badly hurt!

  5. Jennifer J

    Our first stitches were at Tube Time (remember Tube Time?!) in downtown Bellingham. Nolan was 3 and his forehead managed to find what must have been the ONLY piece of exposed metal in the entire place. Luckily our doctor’s office was open so we didn’t have to go to the ER. Why oh why does it take so long to be seen at the ER?! I’m glad Apollo is ok and that you didn’t have to return to the hospital with Avi.

    P.S. Yes, we got lifetime free admission to Tube Time after that. I think they were worried we would sue them or something!

    • Kate

      Exactly, at least for a few days, he’ll have the bragging rights “Yeah, well, there was this really big tiger…”
      Kidding, but I know what stitches are like, my mom (a doc) gave me a few on my chin, 2nd grade.

  6. Linda Shahin

    I may need a small somewhat wide scar from a cat scratch that I didn’t initially get stitches on removed by a plastic surgeon and sewn together. It’s in the same spot as your son’s and was wondering how his face is looking these days? How’s the scar? Did you use anything special for it? I’m really worried about my face 🙁

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