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The Lion Temple: Part 2

Sometimes dreams do come the for of the LEGO Lion Temple

Remember the Lion Temple?

And how Apollo mustered up all of his courage to ask Santa for the Lion Temple? And how I bought it on eBay and had it hidden away? Well, yesterday was the big day. There was no school due to the holiday (Martin Luther King Jr Day…in case you’re not American) and I knew the timing was perfect…but how to present it? I mean, this was the Lion Temple, after all…it would hardly do to just hand it to them. 

So I put Enoch to work coming up with clues for a scavenger hunt while I busied myself writing a letter from Lagravis. As soon as all the younger children were awake, I told them to put their shoes on and head outside…Enoch had a job for them to do. We listened to the normal grumbling and muttering…they all assumed they were going to have to haul wood. 

Until Enoch had them gather around and gave them their first clue…

The Lion Temple Scavenger Hunt

Then they were off and running! There was no stopping them as they each raced around trying to be the first to find the next clue.

A fun scavenger hunt that leads to the LEGO lion temple!

Finally they got to last clue and found a huge box with a letter…from Lagravis. In it, Lagravis explained that just as no one Chima tribe can possess all of the Chi, no one child  could possess the Lion Temple. Lagravis explained they all needed to work together to construct it and share…and of course, to protect it from Crooler. 

Let’s just say they were pretty darn excited.

Team work to build the Lion Temple.

The rest of the day passed while the boys worked diligently to construct the Lion Temple…they worked out a system where they all took turns. We had one dire emergency small snafu. The was a piece missing! Now, keep in mind, I bought this on eBay. The box was damaged but all the bags were sealed. Who knows what happened? I initially put the boys to work just searching our sixteen billion LEGO pieces…but would you believe we couldn’t find the proper piece? Eventually Enoch came to the rescue and cut a piece down to fit…

This took the kids about four hours to build…the rest of the day was spent imagining new adventures in Chima. After waking me repeatedly last night for: water, snuggles, more water and tossing and turning  in our bed for an hour Apollo sat up at 3:30 am and said, “Mama, thank you for the Lion Temple.”

Any time, son, any time.

Now please go back to sleep!



  1. sharimsh

    There’s a form on the LEGO website where you can input missing pieces and they send them free (new packages only). DD had a set where several pieces were missing (but extras of others, go figure) and it was a big day when she got yer package of missing pieces!

  2. sce

    Love all of this. A wonderful way to get them working together and for the set Apollo so wanted to arrive.

    I second the above, it’s rare but new sets can have a missing broken piece, and you can have Lego send the piece, though I love that a solution was found so the set could be completed.

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