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Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer {Weekend Reading}

Post contains affiliate links. I received these books as a gift from Penguin. I received no compensation for this post.Book reviews by a large family

Chuck and I are long time fans of John Grisham. In fact, Chuck is the one who introduced me to Grisham’s writing. When we were living in Hawaii as newlyweds we didn’t own a car. I was pregnant and sick. I rode my bike to the University of Hawaii Monday though Friday and to the grocery store on Saturday. Bike riding was no longer a leisure activity and it lost all some of its charm. Any unnecessary bike riding just wasn’t happening for me. Chuck, on the other hand, was twenty-three and not pregnant. He was living in Hawaii with his beautiful, glowing bride and had plenty of energy. Once a week or so he would ride his bike to the local library and check out a backpack full of books. I would peruse them and choose a few to read. Zane Gray and Louis L’Amour were out. John Grisham and Michael Crichton? They were in. 

John Grisham's new books series for kids means we get to share one of our favorite authors with our children. Theodore Boone.

We have read plenty of John Grisham’s books. My favorite is probably The Firm. I also enjoyed Runaway Jury.

[I will admit, I found both Pelican Brief and A Time to Kill disturbing.]

Because of our long time enjoyment of Grisham’s books, I was thrilled when Penguin sent my kids the John Grisham series about kid lawyer, Theodore Boone

Boone lives in a small town and dreams of becoming a lawyer. His dream comes true, kind of, when he gets drawn into murder trial. This legal thriller is aimed at kids and hits the mark head on. And sometimes leads to funny conversations. A couple of weeks ago I was in the living room reading (of course) when I overheard Jubliee say to Chuck, 

“Dad, are you finished with the abduction?”

It took me half a beat to realize she was talking about Theodore Boone: The Abduction and not an actual crime.


Here is Jubilee’s brief summary:

“A snoopy 13-year-old who finds out too much about everything and somehow manages to save the day every time. My favorite book was The Fugitive. Theo sees the guy from the first book who ran away after his mistrial. Theo also managed to get a video of him. One thing I don’t like about these books are they are too predictable. I would recommend them to anyone who can read because my dad likes them and I like them.”

Who is your favorite author? Do you and your kids enjoy the same books?



  1. Sue

    that is sooo funny.. I loved reading John Grisham books.. but I will have to say.. EVERY TIME I READ HIS BOOKS I ALWAYS FIND A FLAW IN IT.. so I stopped reading him..

    more than one of his books have been thrown across the room LOL..

    sue in NJ

      • Sue

        yea.. Like something stupid would happen and it would totally throw it for me.. Like Pelican brief.. She is supposed to be this brilliant Law student.. she figures out this whole plot with the government.. but is not smart enough when she is on the run to not use a credit card to check into a hotel, where they can find her really easy ??? Just silly stuff like that.. Every one of his novels that I have read has something like that.. and it makes me lose all faith in the story even though I love his style of writing.

        Sue in nj

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