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These Moments

Yesterday we spent the beautiful sunny morning and afternoon at a park near the ocean. The weather was perfect. Sunny and warm, but not stifling. The cool breeze blew off the ocean. It was a day for forgetting about the unfolded laundry on my couch and Apollo’s health concerns.

Until his cardiologist called. Of course I would get a call from Apollo’s cardiologist while driving in my van…not on a day (like most days) when I’m at home. The new van in enabled with fancy technology that is connected to my phone. If my iPhone rings while I’m in the van, it is answered on speaker through my van. Which means the poor cardiologist called while I was driving with a van full of ten excited kids ready to play at the park.


I asked him to call back in ten minutes, which he did. That gave me time to arrive at the park and scrounge a pen and paper from Tilly to take notes (I always take notes). Oh, and I’m pretty sure I was the only mom there fielding calls from her toddler’s cardiologist.

The boys doing what I imagine boys have been doing at the beach since the beginning of time. Throwing rocks.

Notice anything new about Jubilee?

Bellingham’s most adorable toddler, taking everything in.

Abigail, my therapy baby. Kind of like a therapy dog, but better.

Avi dancing to her own beat.  This girl, did fabulous at the park by the way. We had two minor incidents early on and the rest was smooth sailing.  You go, girl!

Tucker with his treasures. And no, I didn’t notice his choice in footwear until we were already at our destination. You win some and you lose some.

Isobel is Avi’s first real friend. Quite appropriate, since Isobel’s brother Everett was Mordecai’s first friend.

And this sums it up. A lovely day, in a lovely location, with lovely friends.

These are the things I choose to remember.

{Thank you for everyone who voted and allowed me the honor of winning second place in Circle of Mom’s Top Photographer Moms! Be sure and check out the winner, Lindsey’s blog. It looks like it’s full of great resources. Oh, and go read my latest article on Circle of Moms..and leave a kind word if you like. It would make my day. }



  1. Kimberly

    Did someone get glasses? And these pictures are beautiful! You are an extremely talented photographer, but you also have some of the most beautiful and photogenic children I’ve ever seen. Looks like a wonderful day!

  2. Cheryl

    And the cardiologist said….???? Glasses.. and still beautiful!! Lovely, lovely photos! When you are at the beach, what lens are you using?

  3. Jo

    Jubilee looks wonderful in glasses! I am particularly fond of glasses on most people! Avi looks grown, I am glad she made a friend. It is hard to have any social issue that makes friendships tough.

  4. Martita

    I am so happy to hear that Avi has found a friend, and I am not surprised that it is a family affair.

    I don’t know what certain parents do to prepare their children to be friends with our more challenging children, but I am sooo grateful to them, and I’d love their secret.

    I’ve watched enough children from good families want nothing to do with Max because of his issues, and I’ve seen other children be so accepting of his limitations. It usually runs in the family, and I haven’t been able to predict who might have a large enough heart to overlook Max’s limitations and enjoy his strengths. He’s eight. No friends yet, but enough kids who are willing to play with him for an afternoon that there is hope for future friendship when he is mature enough.

    My older children are more ready to reach out to children who have had difficult pasts or are struggling because they love their brother who has lived it. But there are some families who are able to do it without personal experience. Any thoughts?

    Cheers and Hugs to Isobel and her family.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      I think it is because their mom is an incredibly giving woman herself. And they see that kind of love and acceptance modeled every day.

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