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Whangarei Falls: And Why I Am Not Visiting Iris on This

A map of New Zealand showing how far apart the girls live.

I made the map to answer a question I commonly get…do Iris and Tilly live near each other? The answer is a resounding, “No!” In fact, it can be hard to explain exactly how far apart from each other they are. But I will try. When visiting New Zealand, we fly into Auckland. To get to Tilly, I took a 40-minute flight north, and she and Jared live about 15 minutes from the airport.

To visit Iris, I hop on a plane from Auckland to Wellington which takes just over an hour. Once in Wellington, you have to drive about an hour, through a mountain pass, to get to the area BEN! and Iris live. According to Google maps, it is a 9 1/2-hour drive! I am not visiting Iris on this trip but will be seeing her in August when she gives birth to her second baby.

McDonalds in Whangarei New Zealand

Proof that you can travel to the other side of the world, but you cannot escape Mcdonald’s.

New Zealand has an abundance of publich bathrooms. Or, as the Kiwis say, toilets.

One thing I have noticed every time I have visited New Zealand is the abundance of public bathrooms. Or, as the Kiwis would say, toilets. They seem to be all over the place.

Walking along Whangarei Falls with Tilly.

Tilly and I have been doing quite a bit of walking and exploring as we wait for her little Kiwi to make his/her appearance. Friday we drove to Whangarei Falls and explored the trails.

The view from the top of Whangarei Falls.

This is a view from the top of the falls, but unfortunately, I don’t feel like it shows the massive scale.

Whangarei Falls New Zealand

But trust me, the falls are massive.

Tilly heading down the steps at the falls in Whangarei.

Tilly has been a great sport and is in good spirits. She and I trekked down to the bottom of the falls. Tilly took advantage of the steps and walked down sideways since the midwife that is good for the baby’s position. Plus, it helped her avoid the huge puddles.

Because it was raining. Of course.

Tilly on bridge at Whangarei Falls.

I was kind of hoping that Tilly would give birth on the walk. Can you imagine the photos? Unfortunately, I think she is counting on Jared being present for the delivery of their baby…

Looking down stream from the falls.
View of Whangarei falls.

Here is the view from the bridge Tilly was standing on. You can also see the rain in this photo. Right after this, I tucked my camera under my sweatshirt and we hightailed it up the stairs, to the truck.


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