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I Am Not a Fox: Teaching Our Kids Acceptance

I Am Not a Fox is a charming book about a fox who learns to love who he is.

I received this book from Penguin Random House. I received no compensation for this post. Post contains affiliate links.

I am Not a Fox teachs about love and acceptance.

Most Annoying Male Award

Have you heard about the 11-year-old boy with autism who received a “Most Annoying Male” award at his school? It was presented to him in front of his classmates. The boy is non-verbal and this award was presented by a special ed teacher! How is this kind of thing still happening in 2019? Even if the kid had no idea what the award meant, the teacher just let the entire student body know it is okay to insult this kid and think less of him due to his disability. That is the exact opposite of what I am trying to teach my children. And the opposite of the message in Karina Wolf’s book, I Am Not a Fox.

I Am Not a Fox is a charming book about a fox who learns to love who he is.

I just recently discovered author Karina Wolf and have fallen in love with her books. Have no fear, I will be reviewing more of them when I get home, but for now, I wanted to talk about I Am Not a Fox.

I Am Not a Fox by Karina Wolf review.

“When Luca first arrives at the dog park, the other dogs turn him away. “You’re not a dog,” they say, “You’re a fox.” But . . . Luca likes to chase cats. He likes to yip at mailmen.”

This charming book tells the story of Luca the fox, who doesn’t feel like he fits in anywhere. Not with the dogs, not with the foxes, not with anyone. The truth is, everyone has time when they feel like they just don’t fit in. This book shows kids how to cope with the feelings of being left out or not part of the group.

I am Not a Fox teachs about love and acceptance.

I absolutely adore the illustrations in this book. And Luca’s spunky attitude when he says, “I am not a fox. I am a mystery dog. The very best kind” is spot on. Firm, but polite. Giving him voice to his own uniqueness.

I Am Not a Fox by Karina Wolf review.

As it turns out, the foxes don’t accept Luca either, because he doesn’t act like a fox. The story is gentle and flowing, and in the end, Luca discovers it doesn’t matter if he’s a dog, or a fox, or something else entirely, because being loved is enough.

Once you’ve read I Am Not a Fox be sure and check out The Insomniacs as well.

Do you have any favorite books that cover the topic of being different? Please share in the comments!



  1. Kanadiangirl

    I have ALWAYS hated when other children or people got made fun of, regardless of being rich or poor, black or white, handicapped or not. That’s one of the reasons I homeschool. That teacher should be fired, then tarred and feathered in the middle of town in front of everyone!!!! Ugghhh

  2. kathleenszabo

    I’m looking for books or suggestions for an 11 year old child who needs to be more understanding and kind towards a special needs child who is in her dance class. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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