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Onward to Coronation Scenic Reserve: For the Keener Walker

Tilly on a bridge at the Coronation Scenic Reserve.
Hatea Loop in Whangarei New Zealand.

It’s Wednesday evening here in New Zealand. I arrived at 5 am on Sunday, so I’ve had a few days to recover. I feel like my body is slowly adjusting to the time difference. Monday was a holiday here (happy birthday, Queen) so Jared had the day off. We took a nice stroll around Hatea Loop in the Town Basin.

Sipping Iced Mochas in Whangarei

We worked up hearty appetites during our 4 km walk and stopped at a cafe for lunch. Jared ordered Iced Mochas for us all…and this is what we were served. Tilly and I were pleasantly surprised. They were delicous!

Ice Mochas at a cafe in Whangarei Town Basin.
BLAT at cafe in Whangarei Town Basin.

This was my lunch. A BLAT (yup, bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato) with chips and garlic aioli sauce. It was amazing.

Tilly's cajun chicken burger

Tilly ordered this Cajun Chicken Burger. When Jared asked her if it tasted like Cajun Chicken she said, “I don’t know what Cajun Chicken tastes like”. She seemed to enjoy it, so I am going to assume that it tasted as good as my BLAT.

View from Tilly and Jared's driveway.

And speaking of enjoying things…this is the view from Tilly and Jared’s driveway. It is gorgeos here. Their house feels like it was plopped right in the middle of a jungle. And I mean that in the best possible way.

Maternity session with Tilly in Whangarei New Zealand.

It is winter here and Whangarei is right by the ocean which means it pretty much feels like winter in Bellingham. Today we have had rain, sun, more rain, thunderstorm, sun, clouds, and drizzle. This morning we decided we’d better go out and get some maternity photos done before the baby arrives. By the time Tilly got dressed and fixed her hair the weather had gone from sunny to rainy. Being native Pacific Northwesterners, we decided just to grab an umbrella and go with the flow.

Tilly's maternity photos.

To see more photos from Tilly’s maternity session, click over to Little Earthling Photography.

Winter leaf in New Zealand
Coronation Scenic Reserve

After Tilly’s maternity shoot, she changed clothes and we decided to take a walk through the Coronation Scenic Reserve. The reserve is visible from the top of Tilly and Jared’s driveway.

Coronation Scenic Reserve
Tilly on a bridge at the Coronation Scenic Reserve.
Tilly at Coronation Scenic Reserve
Kiwi Live Here sign at Coronation Scenic Reserve
Tree at Coronation Scenic Reserve
Tree at Coronation Scenic Reserve
Coronation Scenic Reserve

According to the official website, “this is a great place for the keener walker, on the edge of the city.” I have no idea what that means, but who doesn’t want to be known as a keener walker?

Houses near Coronation Scenic Reserve

These houses look to me like they have just been plopped down in the jungle. This just a little ways away from Tilly and Jared’s house. Suffice it to say, I’m having a great time here. They only thing better will be when Baby Kiwi arrives.



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