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Someone Special is Arriving in June 2019…

Cute pregnancy announcement

Tilly and Jared shared some great news on Instagram recently. Chuck and I have another kiwi grandchild on the way! We absolutely could not be any happier. Tilly and Jared celebrated their one-year anniversary in August and are thrilled with so excited to start their family.

Cute pregnancy announcement

It looks like I will be headed back to New Zealand in June! I have already started knitting a teeny-tiny baby vest (out of baby alpaca wool) for this new little one. Lucky for me, this baby will be born during winter in New Zealand and will need some sweaters to keep him or her warm. Then I will need to move on to knitting a couple of larger vests for Percy. Adalia says she uses them all the time for him on chilly days.

Here is Apollo in my favorite vest. Unfortunately, a child stuck this vest in the washer. And the dryer. And it became a teeny-tiny felted doll vest.

Percy in a vest I knit him.

Speaking of cute babies wearing vests (because that is what we were doing, right?) here is Percy in a vest I knit him before he was born. Adalia says she uses these vests daily during the chilly winter months. It’s so fun to see because this is exactly how we kept Apollo warm when he was a baby and toddler.

Judah dressed as a WWII solider.

Judah circa 2008

Judah was here to visit this weekend. He is currently in the Washington State Patrol Academy and enjoying it thoroughly. I remember our early days of Driver’s Ed and white-knuckling it through drives with him. It is a bit surreal then, to imagine him being taught how to drive in high-speed chases down the freeway. Or how to defend himself with his bare hands. Or a gun. As part of his training he will get tased and sprayed in the face with pepper spray…for a kid who used to be terrified to get water splashed in his face, he’s come a long way.

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