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Monty’s First Days at Home and Meeting Percy

You can view photos of Iris’s successful VBAC over at Little Earthling Photography.

Many of you have wondered what Percy thought the first time he met Monty. Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then I give you this.

Percy meets little brother Monty for the first time.

Ben’s sister Claire brought Percy in to see Monty when he was less than two hours old. His reaction was to cry in terror and cling to Aunt Claire. I am pretty sure this was a reaction to seeing his mama in a hospital bed, not the sight of his baby brother.

Claire and Percy wait for Ben to arrive.

I’m not sure where BEN! was the moment Claire arrived with Percy, maybe in the bathroom. Claire took Percy out to wait for daddy so he could try again.

Ben introducing Percy to Monty.

Things worked slightly better this time, but Percy still wasn’t willing to get near his mama in the hospital bed.

Ben introducing Percy to Monty.

Ben finally brought out the big guns…Chocolate Fish. While Percy still wasn’t willing to approach his mama, he was at least happier. And let’s be honest, who isn’t happier with chocolate?

Claire and Pery meet Monty.

Percy was eventually willing to approach the bed, but very reluctantly.

Claire and Percy meeting Monty.
Ben and David, on their birthday, with Percy.

BEN!’s twin brother, David, happened to be visiting the day Monty was born, so he was able to pop in and see his nephew who he now shares a birthday.

Ben, David, and Percy.
Ben, David, and Percy.
Percy was finallyhappy with mama.

We finally decided that Percy would be more comfortable if he could see mama alone. Iris took a shower, Ben took the baby, and Percy was brought into the postpartum room where he could visit with just mama.

Iris and Percy in the hospital after Monty's birth.

Sure enough, Percy was comfortable when it was just mama.

Iris and Percy in the hospital.
Percy eating chocolate after Monty's birth.

And let’s be honest. The chocolate helped too.

Iris and Monty in the hospital.

The midwives really wanted Iris to spend the night in the hospital, and being a good patient, she agreed (though wasn’t hooked up to an IV, or being actively monitored). Ben took Percy home so he could sleep in his own bed and I spent the night in the hospital to help Iris.

Monty's curly toes.
Monty nursing.

Monty sleeps well, but when he is awake he is very alert. He was so adorable nursing with his eyes wide open.

Newborn Monty in the hospital.
Iris beaming after a sucessful VBAC
Iris at home with Percy and Monty.

Percy was so happy to have his mama back home, safe and sound! The first day Monty’s crying scared him and I got some of the best hugs of my life when he would run and cling to me, his chubby arms clasped tightly around my neck. As much as I loved the hugs, I didn’t love the fear.

Iris and Monty at home.

By day two, Percy realized that there was nothing scary about Monty’s crying and he settled right in.

Monty in his homemade crib.

BEN! built Monty a beautiful homemade bedside sleeper. It has three regular-sized sides, with the fourth edge having a lower side so it can be pushed up right beside the bed for safe sleeping.

Monty asleep in his crib.

My mom, Monty’s great-grandma, crocheted him this beautiful blanket.

Monty sleeping.

And for those of you who enjoy this type of comparison, this is Percy on the top and Monty on the bottom.

You can see more newborn photos of Percy here and here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these photos. I head home tomorrow. I miss my American family, but will also miss my Kiwi family once I leave.

Living a world away is not easy.


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  1. Melpub

    Contratulations! Wonderful baby and wonderful big-brother, who will get used to him. When I gave birth to my second (all three were C-sections, alas, but then I was a week shy of 42 with the first and 47 with the last) we told our eldest, then three, that his brother “brought you something from babyland!” The something was a few Ikea cars–they helped as much as the chocolate fish. At three, our eldest was willing to sit on Mom’s hospital bed and enjoy meeting the baby–little rolly Ikea car in hand. But the sadness on his face is apparent. Brothers! Now that they are 20 and 17, they get along much better. But back then, things were harder.

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