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3 More Things to Know About Percival

More things to know about Percival

Just in case you didn’t get your fill, here are more things you should know about Percival. More things to know about Percival

1. Percival was born with a tongue-tie like his uncles Enoch and Apollo.

Thankfully it was a clipped at the hospital on day two.

More things to know about Percival

2. Percival was born on Jubilee’s birthday…but they have different birthdates.

Percival was born on November 21st…which is November 20th in the US where Jubilee was born.

Yep, the very same day.

More things to know about Percival

3. Percival has two dimples which makes him twice as cute as other babies. 

That’s scientific.

More things to know about Percival

Since I had someone ask, here is the affiliate link to the hedgehog blanket Percy is using in the photo.

More things to know about Percival

More things to know about Percival

^^^ Percival Darcy^^^

Apollo newborn

^^^Uncle Apollo^^^

I think there is some definite family resemblance!

I haven’t actually left Adalia’s house since she had her baby except to go outside and hang clothes on the line…

Watch out for clowns as you hanging clothing on the clothesline...

Her neighbor’s seem friendly enough…

Macro shots of plants in Featherston, New Zealand.

After I hung up the clothes I took a walk around there yard and took a few macro shots.Macro shots of plants in Featherston, New Zealand. Macro shots of plants in Featherston, New Zealand.

Everything here is just so beautiful!

Ben makes stir fry!

BEN! whipped up a delicious stir fry for dinner the other day. It was so good!

Tomorrow I reunite with Jubilee. I haven’t seen her since I parted ways with her at the Auckland airport. She has been having her own adventures, large and small. I want to spend some good one-on-one time with her, so we will likely take a few walks around town since Adalia is getting settled in with Percy and Percy is learning to nurse and fall into a routine.



  1. Emily

    Percy is darling and definitely resembles your family, with a healthy dose of BEN! swirled in. It is such a wonderful thing that you are taking beautiful photos of his first weeks. We had a junky old camera when our first was born and all the photos are pretty bad. Adalia looks beautiful. My first labor lasted some 36 hours with 3 hours of pushing and I was white as a ghost with big black circles around my eyes for weeks.

    Cute little kitchen! I like the walls.

    Where did you get the hedgehog swaddle blanket and what brand? My baby coming in April NEEDS that blanket, I’m quite sure of it. 🙂

    • Renee

      Emily, I actually brought Adalia my old Canon 30D because I realized if I didn’t I wouldn’t get to see pics of my grandson when I leave!
      Their house is adorable! They are just renting right now because they have purchased land that they will be building on.
      I have good news about the hedgehog blanket…I have good news she got it FREE from Amazon in their Welcome Box. It is free when you start a registry and purchase $10. The Welcome Box had great stuff in it. The swaddle blanket, bottles, wipes, etc.

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