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Cousin Abel Comes to Visit: An Other Family Photos

I explained in this post why I didn’t go visit Iris when I was in New Zealand for Abel’s birth. The thing is, the girls live *almost* as far apart as they could and still be on the same island. To get from Tilly’s place to Iris’s, it takes two plane rides and an hour and a half drive through a steep, narrow, mountain pass.


Iris and I mentioned several times how sad we both were that Tilly was just sitting around her house with Abel and we were just hanging around Iris’s house. We wished she was closer and that we could all meet up. I almost messaged Tilly (on more than one occasion) to see if there was any way she could come down and visit…so you can imagine how excited I was to receive a message from her asking if Iris was up for visitors.

Umm…that was a big YES PLEASE!

Renee and newborn Abel

This is what Abel looked like the last time I saw him…

Abel two months

And this is what he looks like just two months later!

Abel smiling while wearing aviatrix knit hat.

Abel is such a little doll! He is a beautiful baby who is happy, happy, happy all the time. He is the kind of baby who you can just lie on the floor and stares at the ceiling and laughs and coos…at nothing.

Jared and Abel

Jared is totally smitten with Abel and it makes my heart happy to see it.

Jason and Abel.

Ben’s older brother Jason came down to visit for a few days. It was a full house…to put it mildly. Can you spot all three babies in this photo?

Abel sleeping and swaddled.

Abel is super chill and easy to rock (or bounce) to sleep. I know he always looks super serious in photos but he’s one of the smiliest babies I’ve ever seen.

Abel and Monty

I managed to get a couple photos of the baby cousins together. No easy task at this age!

Abel and Monty
Tilly and Abel

“Hey, I know, let’s get matching outfits for all three boys and take pictures!” – Me, envisioning beautiful portraits of the boys outside.

Reality: It’s raining (hard). It’s winter. It’s cold. Only one child can actually sit up.

Percy, Abel and Monty
Percy, Abel and Monty

This was literally the best we could do. But hey, we tried…

I know, let’s try one where you hold the babies…

Iris, Tilly, Percy, Abel, and Monty

Well. We tried. Again.

Iris, Tilly, Percy, Abel, and Monty outtake

Yeah, that didn’t really work either.

Iris, Tilly, Abel, and Monty

How about if we do one with just you two and the babies?

Okay, I give up.

It was hard enough to find a window of time when all three boys were awake and neither baby was nursing…

Tilly and Percy

Percy discovered Snapchat…and quickly became obsessed. He also got ahold of Iris’s phone and started a group chat on Facebook. Much to my disappointment, I was not included.

New Zealand Family
Percy making faces
Percy in high chair.

Percy signing “all done”.

Welp…I didn’t get to sleep until past 3 am and I had to take sleeping pills to get there. International travel will do that for you. And my kids start school Thursday so my week is jam-packed with appointments that needed to happen after I got back…but before school.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into our New Zealand Family.


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