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What’s the Dumbest Thing You’ve Ever Done?

When you realize you're at the airport two days early;

Come on, certainly you’ve done something dumb in your life. Leave a comment and make me feel better…then I’ll share something dumb I’ve done.



  1. Ellen Nuechterlein

    The time we planned our vacation all out and arrived at the hotel in Mackinaw City only to realize I made the reservations for the following week. Luckily, they still had vacancy!

    • Renee

      This makes me feel so much better! When I realized I was at the airport TWO DAYS early I felt like the biggest idiot on earth.

  2. Melpub

    I missed my flight home from New York to Düsseldorf–I was sure it was the next day. Worried my dear husband to death and created the problem of how to get home that day without spending a zillion . . . .I did get home without spending a zillion, thanks to his efforts, and everything worked out.

  3. Nev

    We missed an international flight that was our international move. I was like 24 weeks pregnant. We had all our belongings with us at the airport. My parents who had just dropped us off at the airport from home, 90 minutes away, had no cell phones in their car because they are Luddites >.< Stranded, knocked up, broke, and stupid lol! I will grant us, we got a flight for a decent deal the next day and made it work – a fairly good recovery

  4. Melissa

    One time I hit and damaged my boss’s parked car in a parking lot. We were working the final shift and were the only two cars in the lot. I still managed to smash it.

    Another time I was happily sitting in my therapist’s waiting room only to find out I didn’t have an appointment.

    I currently have a $1,440 bill because I somehow drove into a storm drain, popped my tire, and smashed the front bumper…

  5. Monica

    That time I called my husband at work crying hysterically because I didn’t know where the baby was. He calmly reminded me I was still pregnant.

  6. Peg

    A few years ago, coming home from shopping I saw my husband’s brother had stopped by for a visit. He and my husband were standing on the sidewalk chatting, as I pulled up waving at him, I then promptly crashed into his truck.

  7. Tarynkay

    I’d be sorely tempted to just check in to the airport hotel for a couple of days and never say anything to anyone….

    • Renee

      I did very seriously consider that…but going to NZ twice in two months, I literally couldn’t afford to spend what two nights in a hotel would have cost 🙁 If it were just one night, I would have booked a hotel and relaxed…

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