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A Day at the Park

Mordecai- just after I explained they could wade but not swim…and no, he doesn’t know how to swim 🙁




  1. Lou

    I know everyone says it, but your kids really are spectacularly gorgeous, each in their own way. And your photos are so amazing. You make it hard to enjoy other blogs!! Just kidding, though I do always feel disappointed with other blog pics.

    And re: Mordecai…I am nearly 40 and yet the other day while interpreting (sign language) at the beach for an art class, I managed to get wet UP TO MY WAIST. Worse, this was AFTER my co-interpreter managed to get wet up to her knees. So I should-obviously-have been paying more attention. The natural consequence was standing around interpreting in freezing cold while wet for the next few hours. So it isn’t just kids who can’t manage to stay dry!! (Unless, of course, Mordecai intentionally walked in!)

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      He did it on purpose saying, “I don’t mind if my clothes get wet”. To which Judah responded, “Well, Mom minds” to which I responded, “Actually, I don’t care about his clothes, I just don’t want him to drown!”

  2. Lou

    And BTW, two questions. 1. Is that the Puget Sound? and 2. How do you transport all the kids? Do you just have one giant van? I think you’ve said so before but I can’t remember.

  3. Tonymasons

    OK…I may be 36, but after seeing those photographs, I’m off to find the nearest swing. Haven’t been on swings in over a decade!

  4. Heather

    I love seeing Avi being sweet an caring to her little brother…and it’s nice to see her little brother looking happy and smiling a little!

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