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Apollo XIV: 23 Months

Weighs 22.11 pounds.

Talks in full sentences.

Not sleeping through the night. Or even close to it.

Talks in his sleep. Last night was yelling about a “poking-pine” (i.e porcupine)

Has a g-tube placed. Is tube fed four times a day.

Loves Toy Story and Winnie the Pooh…and watches them as he tube feeds.

Stridor is gone. GONE my friends.

Too bad his other issues aren’t.

Is potty-training, but his big ol’ tube is getting in the way (i.e. it’s hard to keep out of the toilet).

Cute and loved as ever.



  1. Kylie

    Gorgeous boy. According to my calculations 22.11ponds = 10.03kg. That means he weighs only slightly less than my foster daughter who is 3 in November. She is 11kg. I’m still praying for y’all

  2. Jo

    He is a lovely child. I do hope he begins to gain weight soon, that seems little for his age. Praying for some normal sleep for you all.

  3. maureen a.

    Just sending a little note to let you know that you are always in our prayers. Our sweet little Cosette (almost 3 years old) prays for “Apollo to feel better” every time she prays. Sometimes, when she gets a chance to pray for a meal, the only words from her mouth are concerning Apollo. You know how you say you will pray for people and then you get busy and don’t remember until you see or talk to the person again? Okay, maybe I’m the only one guilty of such things. Anyway, Apollo is remembered here several times a day even when I don’t read the blog for weeks. Love and blessings from Pennsylvania!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Maureen- thank you and Cosette (geat name!). If you send me you address I’ll send you a card so Cosette can have a photo of Apollo.

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