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Adjusting to Public School after Homeschool

Adjusting to public school after homeschool

A reader recently asked me to give an update on how my formerly-homeschooled children are adjusting to public school. So here it is and an update on all the kids.

Mordecai has done well so far. I have only had one call from the school about behavior. His particular issues (I highly suspect bipolar, though the psychologist has been reluctant to “officially” diagnose him because of his  age) means we go through periods of relative calm and then periods where his anger and rage is barely containable. Right now, we are in one of our “good” periods. He has an IEP and has accommodations due to his FASD.

Jubilee is really enjoying 7th grade. She has friends from her elementary school and is making new friends as well.

Hezekiah and Tucker also enjoy school. Since a reader asked, and I’m writing this, can I brag a bit?


Hezekiah has the most AR points in his class (they read books and take AR tests). Both Hezekiah and Tucker ran for the Student Principal Advisory  Committee. This included giving a speech in front of their classes. Tucker was elected. Hezekiah was not, but I was very proud of him for running and giving his speech!

{Remember my post last year about all my kids *except* Tucker getting parts in the Missoula Children’s Theater play? So many good lessons learned there. And now, this is his chance to shine!}

Avi has had a good start to her year. She is beginning to read chapter books and enjoy me reading chapter books out loud. She still has behavior listed on her IEP, but she is making slow progress as we work with the school and her psychologist.

Apollo is doing well, but still missing at least a day of school every week. He missed Monday and Tuesday of this week due to a fever and rash the doctor said is viral. He is better now and will be heading to school today. When he misses days and has a longer break from school, it is difficult for him to go back, due to his clinginess and anxiety. Hopefully things will even out soon. It has become very apparent that while he might be “healthy” compared to sick kids, he’s also obviously “sick” compared to healthy kids. 

Enoch and Kalina are taking a homeschool math class. Here is a recent report from their teacher: 

Enoch turned in the only perfect test I’ve ever received on this first unit of material! I was particularly
impressed with his reasoning on the extra credit problems, one or two of which have never been answered
accurately in all the years I’ve been teaching this course. His score was an off-the-charts 107%, an A+.
He is absolutely loving this class and Kalina is enjoying it as well. All in all, this is shaping up to be a very good academic year. 
So there you have it! Everyone has adjusted well. Despite the gaps and differences in curriculum from homeschool to public school, the kids are all settled into their routine and doing very well. 




  1. Andrea Busath

    I don’t know if you have heard of Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD) or if Mordecai’s psychologist has ever mentioned it, but it is a new disorder (new to the DSM-5). I learned about it in my abnormal psych class last year and ended up writing my semester research paper on it because I have a young cousin who has been diagnosed with Bipolar, but who I’ve never felt really was Bipolar. I read about DMDD and realized that his fit him perfectly. I don’t know Mordecai, so I don’t know if DMDD really fits his symptoms better than Bipolar, but if you have never heard of it, look into it

  2. Jess Guest

    That’s great! I am so glad for you guys that school is going well. I imagine Mordecai’s good patches are a bit like my daughter’s good health patches. Good, but hard to relax because you know what’s coming. That’s fantastic about Avi’s reading too. Go Enoch too, how awesome is that? Must be all that practise problem solving and reasoning with lego and living at home 😀 I keep you guys in my prayers as you pop up on my FB feed, glad to see things going well

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Yes, we all more or less feel like we are waiting for the other shoe to drop during the peaceful times. Thanks for the prayers.

  3. Melanie

    I’m glad to hear that everyone seems to have made the transition well. : )

    Might I ask what homeschool math class they are taking? Is it online? I have really struggled to find the best fit in our homeschool world for math. Our daughter scores well on standardized tests, but I wouldn’t put her in the rocket scientist category. It’s been tough to find something challenging, but not intimidating.

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      It is a former school teacher who has been teaching math out of her home for the past 10 years or so. It’s expensive (I think $450 per year for each of them) but as I see them thriving and doing so well, it is well worth the investment.

      Nothing else we tried beyond sixth or seventh grade math has worked well for our children.

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