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BelleWood Acres

Bellewood Acres

A few weeks ago we headed to BelleWood Acres with Sarah and Izzy. BelleWood Acres is a farm with an apple orchard, golf carts to ride around in, a playground and a cute little store where you can buy the world’s best caramel for dipping your apples. Really. It is dangerously good.Bellewood Acres

You know what else is dangerous? Taking eight kids to an apple orchard and letting them pick apples. If they had full Freedom of Apple Picking I would have needed to take out a loan to pay for them. And since we’re working hard to eliminate our debt, I limited the kids to two apples each.Bellewood Acres

And caramel, of course. Plenty of caramel for those apples. The sun was shining and the sky was blue, but man was it windy…

It was fun for Judah and Tilly to join us. Now that school has begun we barely see them.bellwood acres

Apollo loves having his older siblings back from Teen Missions. I love these candid moments of Judah (17) and Apollo (4) playing together. I think people who think kids in large families don’t get enough love and attention underestimate the power of the sibling bond. Obviously, not all siblings have such a good relationship, but I feel blessed that mine do.boys-playing-tires boys-playing-tiresJust look at Apollo admiring his big brother…it melts my heart.




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    So sweet! The pictures, the outing AND the sibling love! We have a lot of it going on around here too; although it’s harder for Lielle to sway Jared, she has the girls wrapped around her finger.

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