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Emergency Break {Kids’ Accidental Humor

This photo was taken after I finished up a shoot for a friend. We were sitting on my deck and Apollo kept running up to hug me, then running off again. The light was so perfect, so I adjusted my settings and the next time he ran up, snapped the shutter once and got this image! I am so happy with it.20141005_0278 blog

Photo shot at: ISO 125 ss 1/200 aperture: 2.2


The other day Apollo was eating some sausage and when he started to get full he said, “I need an emergency break“.

You need a what?” I asked.

An emergency break! I don’t want to eat any more of this sausage now, but I’ll want it later, so I just need an emergency break“.

Can you tell he has an older sibling in Driver’s Ed?


He has begun calling almonds “alm-nuts” which seems like a perfectly acceptable, descriptive word to me.


The other day in the living room Apollo said to Jubilee: “Lets play hell! I’ll be the guy in heaven playing video games and you be the person in hell.

Me: What does the person in hell do?

Apollo: Whatever he wants.

Okay then.

How about you? Have a funny toddler? An accidental comedian? Share in the comments. I think we could all use a laugh today.


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  1. Crystal in Lynden

    **disclaimer – not trying to blow sunshine, just making an observation. (must be the Alaskan in me that needs to say that.)**

    This last photo shoot, more than any of the others, made me see so clearly how effortlessly you can think about the photo and carry on a conversation as if your not thinking about photography at all. It was really impressive and certainly why you are classified as a professional.

  2. Karen

    Nick once told me that the person would not be happy when they had a ‘bad dettery’ from leaving the lights on in their car. That phrase has stuck, I use it to this day!

  3. Paige

    My almost-five-year-old has been campaigning to have her best friend over for a sleepover. We have only known this family for about 6 months, so we aren’t quite ready to let her go to their house. When we explained that her friend, who won’t be five until next June, probably isn’t ready to sleep someplace without her mommy, either, my daughter said, “[Freind]’s mommy can come to the sleepover too if she wants, but it might be a little crowded in mommy and daddy’s bed.”

  4. Peg in Seattle

    When our son Jim (now 34) was three, we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant. When the fortune cookies came, he opened his and read out loud, ‘you will take Jim to the store and buy him toys.’

  5. Greatgrandma

    Our four year old great grand daughter was upset with my husband and told him, “you’re not my grandchild anymore”. She also said “I’m fufferated and you’re making my nerves!”. One morning she could be heard singing, to the tune of Papa’s Gonna Buy You a Mockingbird, “I’m gonna feed you a rockingbird”.

  6. Greatgrandma

    A Sikh gentleman recently moved into our apartment complex. The first time she saw him, my great grand daughter said reverently, “I just saw a genie in a blue t shirt”.

  7. Melpub

    I told my daughter, then three, that we’d fly to the States. She asked, “Mommy, do we have wings?”
    At the same age she ran into the bathroom only to discover my husband (who never forgot to lock the bathroom door again!) stepping out of the shower. She ran right back out with a big public announcement: “DADDY HAS A PEANUTS!”

  8. Emily G

    My mom gets us almonds in small, one serving packages. My kids love them for snacks. They call them “nut bags” which makes my husband and I, who are clearly still stuck in high school humor, snicker every time we hear it, especially when it’s the 4 year old yelling about the 2 year old, “He grabbed my nut bag!”

  9. Laura

    My son (age almost-14 months) is learning to stack blocks. He’s gotten pretty good at stacking three on top of each other, and I’ve been applauding his efforts. Tonight I was playing blocks with him and stacked three for him to knock over…and he started clapping for me.

  10. Aurora

    My brother is 10 years older than I. When I was around 3 I was in the bathroom when he started to dry himself with a towel after showering. He had one leg on the bathtube and I was clearly interested in some… anatomical differences. My brother only noticed it when I poked said differences with my finger and was singing “diiiing… dooooong”

  11. bemis

    My three- and two-year-olds were pretending to wash windows when the two-year-old started giggling about something. The three-year-old told her very sternly, “We’re cleaning, J–, NOT laughing!”

  12. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    Oh my goodness this is hilarious! Heaven/hell game… awesome. I’ll be chuckling about that one for a while.

    My toddler says all sorts of funny things (mostly because she can’t pronounce some words yet):

    Lucky Charms = Yucky Charms
    Fork = Pork
    Spoon = Poon

    Thanks for sharing and linking up to the #SHINEbloghop.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  13. bemis

    Oh, and today’s doozy–my mother-in-law is visiting, and and the three-year-old asked his nanny for something, ending with, “…please, Nanny with the big muscles!” Nanny doesn’t have enormous muscles, it’s just that he’s been referring to his daddy as “Daddy with the big muscles…”

  14. Amber

    I have a 4 year old daughter and a 2 year old son. They were playing together a few days ago and my daughter started making suggestions to my son: you go here, you go there, that sort of thing. My son kept saying “No!” even though he did what she said. After about three rounds of this, she broke down crying to me, asking “Why does he say no to everything?!”. And of course, he chased her down and shouted “No!”
    Because that’s what two year olds do 🙂

    Amber at

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