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Christmas Break

Christmas break has been busy and I’ve had a hard time finding the opportunity to write in this space. Who knows how I managed to blog daily when I was homeschooling ten children…I think our routine was just different then. This break has been wonderful. We’ve gone to the library, read piles of books and built entire LEGO cities. Before the Christmas break Tucker and Hezekiah asked if they could make dinner one night and I happily obliged. Earlier this week they made hamburgers (hand formed with bacon!) and a humongous salad for us to enjoy. Yesterday Jubilee made twice baked potatoes for the family. The children have been relishing their long break from school…I’m not sure any are ready to go back. I am enjoying having my children around all day (and enjoying not having to feel guilty or worry about the homeschooling aspect). Four more days and back to formal education they go.  mom in hospital kissing newborn babyThis Christmas Eve I got to photograph the birth of little Shepherd. I haven’t had a chance to edit his photos yet, but will share more once I do. newborn biracial baby

The very next day our dear friends welcomed their little Christmas baby, Ella, to the world. Don’t you just want to kiss those little cheeks? I did…but I refrained…lets keep those tiny newborns germ-free, shall we?silly family photo

Greg and Merriann asked me to come take a family photo…and I just had to share this, since sometimes the outtakes are more fun, meaningful (and at times) accurate than the nicely posed version. You might recognize Greg, Merriann and crew from our camping trip in Oregon this summer. 

How is your Christmas break going?


  1. Melpub

    We’re enjoying family dinners plus a movie every night. So far: “The Time Machine” (1960 version), “South Pacific” (1958), complete with Mom’s explanation about pre-civil-rights racism and how the film was banned in the state of Georgia (see Wikipedia), “Some Like it Hot” (this was everyone’s favorite so far) and “When Harry met Sally.” Tonight, who knows? Maybe “The Truman Show.”

  2. Mary

    It’s been absolutely crazy over here! A black eye that prompted an ER visit, the toddler barfed all in my hair at a social visit (that was already awkward enough), my mother in law gave the said barfing baby ice cream, orange soda,a baby aspirin and half a crushed Tylenol tablet while I slept, prompting a call to poison control. We hit a chug hole and bottomed out the van, which resulted in our being stranded on the side of an icy road for a couple of hours, and I misread the forecast, so we were dressed for 60ish weather, not ice and snow. Did I mention the toddler was sick? LOL!
    But, in between the bumps, we really did have a lovely holiday. The baby is well, no one else got sick, we have a borrowed SUV and the boy with the black eye is loving all the attention. God is good 😀

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