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Nitecore HC90 Review and Giveaway sent us two of these amazing Nitecore HC90 headlamps. Simply go to their website and leave a comment here on this blog post for your chance to win this headlamp $110 value!

——- Review by Enoch, age 15 ——-

The Nitecore HC90 headlamp is a great light that can be used for a large variety of tasks in the dark. It has four different light sources; one white LED CREE for illuminating a large area,  a smaller red light that can be used to maintain your night vision, a green light that’s great for reading maps in the dark, and a blue light designed to be able to track blood, for use in hunting.

The main white LED has a sliding switch which allows the user to choose a lighting adjustment from anywhere to 0.2 lumens, to 900 lumens, plus turbo mode, which is extremely bright. I have used this headlamp for camping, biking, tree climbing, running, wood hauling, and a multitude of other tasks in the dark. This headlamp illuminates a huge area, and penetrates far into the night. 

The main complaint I have about this headlamp is that it does NOT come with the required battery. It is powered by 1×18650 battery which lasts a long time, and doesn’t take very long to charge. The battery prices range from between about $10 to $25 depending on the battery capacity, or, if you don’t care about buying an off-brand product, you can get two of them for $10.

Overall, this is a great headlamp and I would definitely recommend it. The price is pretty high, but this is a very durable and capable headlamp which I’m sure will last a very long time. 


You have the chance to win your own Nitecore HC90 headlamp! Please click over to the website, then leave a comment here. We will choose a winner this weekend and announce it one Monday!


  1. Elizabeth

    We’re going on a road trip this summer with friends (4 families=8 adults+16 kids under 9) and this would be great for keeping track of everyone in the dark while camping!

  2. Anna

    I buy more headlamps and flashlights per year than pairs of socks for my Boy Scouts. Can you imagine how they would feel losing or breaking one of these? I’m up for the challenge. 😉

  3. Becca

    This would be awesome to own! I get to work at 5:00 every morning to take care of 40 horses. I am often feeding in the dark and this light looks to be exceptionally bright. I would love it!

  4. Heather

    My two oldest boys love flashlights and headlamps! They do lots of exploring on our property and reading at night. They would love this!

  5. Sheila

    My husband could make great use of this….marathon training and hunting…and finding his way to the outhouse when we go camping!

  6. Leanne

    great time of year for headlamps! kids still need to get outside and run and play in the evening but it is getting darker

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