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Barn Party 2015

Barn party

Saturday night was our church youth group’s Barn Party, held in, you guessed it, a giant barn. A giant chilly barn. I’m not sure why I was envisioning a barn being toasty warm on a  cold October night, but I was. Alas, with the passage of time and more warm bodies entering, it warmed to a comfortable temperature.

As long as I wore my coat. 

Cute boy in a big cowboy hat .While partying in the barn, I ran into the cutest cowboy ever, sipping on his giant ten gallon root beer float…made with fresh brewed root beer!

Having a great time at the barn party.

There was Karaoke…which would have been awesome, were it not for my extreme dislike of country music. Sitting in drafty barn for hours listening to country music with my kids? That’s true love right there, my friends.

Large family at the barn party

I managed an almost family photo…Tilly is standing squarely behind Hezekiah and Tucker’s cowboy hats. And Mordecai? Well, he couldn’t manage to be in the picture because of the grave injustice in his life….Enoch didn’t have a cowboy hat to loan him, and that darn near ruined his entire night. Until he caught sight of his buddy, Bjorn and endless supply of Cheetos. 

Big people, big problems, my friends. 

Little boy in big cowboy hat sipping a drink

And this little buckaroo? Sipping a root beer float? My heart is full…but not my stomach, because that was my float he was sipping…

boy pulling stocking off his head

Price of the barn party admission? One bag of candy.

Seeing your 15-year-old son with a stocking on his head? Priceless.

Silly boy in cowboy hat

And Hezekiah??? Oh my, it is all too much. I can’t even tell you how much I love these people.

Said another way,  instead of  trick-or-treating, my poor children had to spend their night at the  Barn Party.

Do you think they will ever forgive us?


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