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Celebrate​: Avi and Apollo’s Rainbow Birthday Party!

Decorations for a rainbow birthday party.

Avi and Apollo’s birthdays are only a day apart, so it only makes sense to celebrate them together (this will likely change as they get older and want different activities). I was having some difficulty in coming up with a theme that would be equally pleasing to a two-year-old boy and a seven-year-old girl. After browsing Pinterest a bit, I decided on a simple “color” theme.

Colorful candy is an easy way to decorate for a rainbow partty.

One trip the dollar store for colored supplies and one afternoon spent decorating and the party prep was done.

The rainbow squigly straws were a huge hit.

Avi gets overstimulated very easily and of course Apollo had no expectations for a birthday party, so I purposely kept it very low-key. Presents, cake, snacks. That’s it.

And Avi did fabulously. I was very proud of her and go very pleased to see she is making at least a little progress in social situations.

Beautiful rainbow party decorations.

Apollo at his second birthday party.

Apollo was having a rough day. His tube site was bothering him…but he managed to be cheered up by his party.

Avi and Apollo at their birthday party.

I love this photo of Avi and Apollo interacting. They were waiting to blow out candles on their cupcakes.

Avi and Apollo with their birthday cupcakes.

I’m not sure how I managed to catch this expression on Avi’s face. She really was happy!

Apollo blowing out birthday candles.

Poor Apollo…chronic respiratory issues didn’t even cross my mind when we expected him to blow out two candles. He did very well, but it took many, many tries.

Avi with her birthday books.

Thank you, Mrs. Adams!

Blue-eyed baby smiling.

I was at this little lady’s birth…that makes her extra special to me. While she was generous with her smiles, they faded quickly if I tried to actually hold her.

Kalina reading birthday cards to Apollo.

I like Apollo’s  thoughtful expression in this  photo. Like he’s intently listening to every word written on that card.

Large family birthday party.

And my view from the couch. Avi managed this crowd so well.

Avi and Vegemite.

For you regular blog readers, you know no celebration is complete without the Giving of the Vegemite.

And speaking of Vegemite, I took Avi in to the doctor yesterday for her well-child visit. When the doctor asked what her favorite food was she surprised him by answering, “Well, anything but Vegemite!”

Sounds like she was already anticipating her coming party.

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  1. liz

    Wow how August I will also be hosting a birthday party for a 2 yr old and a 7 yr old….I lucked out in that they both really love fire trucks. we live about a mile from a Fire station on a main rode so they get the pleasure to see ( and HEAR) fire trucks and ambulances all day long. I often wonder where they are going so often….duh?

    So I am planning on a cupcake cake in the shape of a fire truck…i will get some natural red coloring and frost the heck out of it and then attempt to add a ladder and door etc with icing or gel. I saw these cupcake cakes in a store and now they are everywhere. The thing is I like the look of a cake and not the work of frosting each individual cupcake..but party time I like knowing how many cc I have to how many guests and I hate having someone cut the cake and what if the pieces are too big and there is not enough…yes I get worked up a bit easily..My sister in law buys all her cakes at costco…tried that and son hated it last year..

    Anyways the party looks so fantastic. LOVE the colors. i think Apollo is getting bigger than Noah….As you may remember we also have an almost 4 month old now..Eli..and he and 2 yr old Noah are in the same size diapers…..the clothing gap will be met by fall….then I am afraid Eli will pass up his 2 yr old brother in size…what a new experience..

    Apollo looks so great. Avi looks beautiful. i have to email you. I know Avi will go to school this fall…she sounds alot like my 7 yr old we homeschool..I was curious what your thresh hold of “she wont listen to anything” or however you put it….I am almost afraid to ask as she may be super ahead of my son and I think he is doing well…lol..just curious if she can read..math..etc..we take a very “unschooling”/eclectic/Charolette Mason/ approach with our son as there is no way he would ever sit for in depth lessons..We are working through the 100 Lesson for reading book…and are on lesson 50!! so that is going well. He was “fast reading” for a long time before that..but not really any understanding of phonics..

    sorry off topic…again the colors looked great! Great party!

  2. Samantha

    In hearing about your decision to send Avi to school I was wondering if either she or Mordecai received services from Early Intervention when they were younger?

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Samantha- Avi didn’t qualify, she had no delays, though she is academically delayed now. Mordecai qualified and we looked into it several times and had evaluations done, but the reality is, the therapy was overstimulating for him and I knew he would do better at home. I don’t regret my decision at all and still feel like it was the right choice.

  3. Lou

    As always GORGEOUS pics and party ideas. I really love bright colours and seeing this has brightened my morning.

    When they finally put Cheesymite in a tube rather than a jar, I’m sending you guys some. I reckon your kids might like it. It doesn’t have as strong a taste. And they are MISSING OUT!! You know what you should do? Give a small smear to Apollo on toast. I bet you he doesn’t hate it. 🙂

      • Lou

        Some French friends had a baby while living in Australia so the baby is an Australian citizen. They moved back to France when their daughter was 7mths old, but continued to feed her vegemite in case they came back here. When she was about 2 and a half, I visited in France. They were trying to convince me that she would stay Australian while living in France so said “look how she loves vegemite!” so I pulled some horrible stinky blue vein cheese out of the fridge and showed her and she dropped the vegemite toast to the floor and said “Fromage! Fromage! Fromage!” while grabbing for the cheese!!! Was so very funny. [Fromage is French for cheese.]

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Thanks…my Speedlite didn’t fire, which explains all the noise/grain. I like it anyway.

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