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Dairy Queen, Zambia, Spring Weather, and More

Tips for living dangerously in a large family.

Dairy Queen, Zambia, Spring Weather, and More

Warning: really bad iPhone photos ahead because I have not mastered the art of phone photography. Living in a large family is exciting, illuminating, exasperating, but never, ever, boring. Here’s a little update on us.

You know what’s really dangerous? Living with a teenage girl who works at Dairy Queen. See that sugary concoction in her hand? It is the first Peanut Buster Parfait she ever made…and her boss told her to bring it home to her mom. Yum.

Tips for living dangerously in a large family.

It’s dangerous to live with a teen working at Dairy Queen because while this girl has her driver’s license, she does not own her own vehicle, so at times we have to pick her up from Dairy Queen…and we all know it is rude to pick someone up at Dairy Queen without ordering something. Am I right?

We so proud of Kalina who navigated getting her first job with strangers, alone. Last year she worked at a nearby garden, but she is the first teenager to get a job at a fast food place.

Kalina is attending community college full time and working hard to earn money for her Teen Mission’s trip. She is headed to Zambia in June where she and her teammates will be drilling a well to provide fresh water for people in Zambia. Kalina has set up a GoFund Me account and is hoping for some donations that way. Kalina is in no way allergic to hard work but would love your support as well. Even a donation of $5 or $10 helps.

Read this post 5 Reasons to Send You Kids on a Teen Missions Team to see why this is an important part of our children’s teen years.

Tips for living dangerously in a large family.

You know what true love is? When your husband, who passed his nasty cold and cough on to you, lovingly leaves out cold medicine for you when he leaves for work in the morning. At 4:30 am.

Thanks, honey.

Living dangerously in a large family.

And a big shoutout and thank you to the anonymous person who left these in our church mailbox after reading my post about Practical Ways to Help Foster and Adoptive Families. While I certainly didn’t write the post so someone would give us gift cards, it was a wonderful surprise. And my kids have definitely been enjoying Taco Bell.

Tips for living dangerously in a large family


In our corner of the Pacific Northwest, we have a variety of spring weather…it can be warm and sunny or wet, wet, and wetter. When I saw this random day of sun in the forecast I began checking my phone obsessively, willing it not to disappear. The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was to check to make sure it hadn’t changed…and it hasn’t, so we have a picnic in the SUN planned with our homeschooling friends.

Tips for living dangerously in a large family

Last week we went to this beautiful park and while we had a great day the sun only peeked out a few times and it was chilly. We are headed back there today (with my big camera), a picnic lunch, bikes, and SUNSHINE.

What exciting plans do you have this spring? Or autumn if you live in the southern hemisphere.

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