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Large Family Update, Best Mom Ever and PNW Homeschooling

Hezekiah celebrated his 14th birthday.
Screen time as well as physical activity has to be limited after a concussion.

Apollo is three days post-concussion and doing great. He seems to be back to his normal self but we are taking it really easy. The crazy conundrum of recovering from a concussion is Apollo needs to keep his physical activity down, but we also have to limit screens. In addition, anything requiring too much brain power (school work, games, reading) can be fatiguing.

So yeah, that’s fun.

I am just so crazy thankful that he wasn’t injured any more severely. This concussion experience has been just one more traumatic experience in a long list of traumatic experiences. Twenty-two years of parenting, dozens of stitches, a few broken bones, but, thankfully, not a single concussion until now. And of course, it would be Apollo. Fifteen years of kids climbing that tree without incident beyond a few bruises…and then this.

Hezekiah celebrated his 14th birthday.

Hezekiah turned 14 on May 4th but we just managed to squeeze in a birthday party last weekend. He had a bunch of friends from school over and they ran around in the woods for a few hours and consumed a bunch of food.

Hezekiah celebrated his 14th birthday.

Boys are so much easier than girls. At least when it comes to birthday parties.

Ready for some good news? I finished reading ALL FIVE Percy Jackson books to Apollo.

We have finished Percy Jackson and have moved onto The Lost Hero. Hurray for me...

The bad news?

Now we’ve started The Lost Hero.

The even worse news?

We have finished Percy Jackson and have moved onto The Lost Hero. Hurray for me...

It has 557 pages.

We hear a lot about how motherhood is an exercise in sacrifice. We give up our sleep, our bodies, our sanity, our last bite of chocolate ice cream, our time alone, a hot cup of coffee. But why does no one ever mention the sacrifice of reading books we hate out loud to our children?

If this doesn’t win me the Best Mom Ever award I don’t know what will.

Another PNW homeschooling adventure with friends.

Here is a recent picture from another PNW homeschool day. Rarely do we get together without laughs, smiles, and, of course, veggies and hummus. These three are best buds…and live less than two miles from us which is kind of a miracle in our rural area.

Another PNW homeschooling adventure with friends.

We are loving the warm weather which means school OUTDOORS where it belongs!

Judah just leased his first apartment and is in the process of MOVING OUT.

What? How is that even possible?

And speaking of things that are not possible, Enoch graduates from high school and community college next month.

Enoch, at 5 days old, was ready to conquer the world.

But I prefer to remember him like this. Five days old and already looking for adventure.



  1. Melpub

    Oh, I loved Percy Jackson! I’m sorry you’re not enjoying it. I did get a kick out of reading those books to my kids–also the Norse Gods ones. But now, with the 16 year old, we’ve moved on from kid-books: just finished Huck Finn (an annotated edition) and loved that. Concussions: our middle kid had one; the neurologist said he was fine, the acupuncturist said he wasn’t. The head trauma is now more than nine years behind him. I think he may have become more irritable; on the other hand, that may just be adolescence.

    • Renee

      Yeah, I could just never get into the Greek god stuff. Apollo was very emotional the first few days after his concussion. He would be sitting and all of a sudden start crying, cry for 30 seconds, then go back to normal. It was pretty scary to watch.

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