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Fire District #4, Thank You!

Finally, two years after Apollo’s birth, we made to the fire station to officially say thank you. We took in fresh-baked cookies and the thank you note with pictures of Apollo. For those of you new here, we had to call 911 when Apollo’s cord prolapsed during his birth, and this is the ambulance that transported us. Then in December 2011, Apollo choked on a carrot and we rode in it once again.

Ah, the memories. Memories I wish I didn’t possess. When Apollo choked in December Enoch was the one to make the call to 911 and talk to the dispatcher. I didn’t have an extra hand as I was doing everything I could to dislodge the food. Keep in mind, this was before we knew he had a double aortic arch…just after we have been told he was fine.

Tucker looking at the training tower.

The firefighters yesterday were great. They stopped what they were doing and gave us a tour. We saw the bay where the fire trucks park, where the firefighters work out, the day room, the rooms they sleep in. It was pretty cool.

Enoch might look bored, but he was actually listening intently. He, of course, wanted to know what every button, knob and valve was for. It occurred to me that firefighting would be a great job for Enoch. Lots of maintenance and technical stuff mixed in with the terrifying, adrenaline pumping emergencies. Yup, sounds perfect for him.

Once again, thank you Fire District #4 for your expertise during emergencies and your friendliness toward our family.

For rest of you, go thank a firefighter today.



  1. liz

    I am always shocked at how they jump at the chance to give tours. I guess at times they do sit around alot…or they have the maintenance and cleaning, drills to do, so a break to teach kids is probably not only encouraged but fun for them.

    We have a fire station about a half mile down the road. The kids get to watch fire trucks and ambulances about half dozen times a day with sirens and a few more without. EVERY TIME they run to the berm or the window if we are inside. EVERY-TIME! Including the 22 month old!

    They can identify what is a ladder truck vs not vs….whatever else there

    My son and husband probably visit the station no less than once a week and every time they give him a tour with the exception they are leaving. Even then some are actually getting in cars to leave and they get out. It is a super small station. One truck I think. So many places are just contracted in. I never knew that . When I started at the hospital I thought HVA was just the city..It turns out it was Huron Valley Ambulance Co…Pretty soon I guess there may not be actual “stations”.

    Which leads me to the time I needed 911 and they took 23 min to get there..mind you I am sure they were at home sleeping as i don’t think they ever sleep the night there…

    I need to let that go and for all the nice tours they give my son and daughter bake them some cookies….this week. I have before, but after you do mouth to mouth on your kid and the station is within walking distance it is hard to get over…..I am over it though:)

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