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Strawberries and Sunshine

Not me. I would never let my food-phobic toddler munch on strawberries while we picked strawberries. Nope, not me.

Don’t ask me…I only took the photo.

And this sums up exactly how Apollo felt about the whole strawberry-picking thing.

While Apollo is doing much better overall now that we can tube-feed him, he still has a lot of bad days (and even more bad nights). He cried most of our strawberry-picking time and once home wouldn’t let me put him down. The upside of this means Iris, Judah, Tilly, Enoch, and Kalina took care of the berries from start to finish. They: washed, sliced, froze, mushed, made jam, and cleaned up the mess. All with zero help from me!

Here’s a tip for you new(er) moms: let your toddlers and preschoolers help in the kitchen. It will pay large dividends in the end. I promise.

Today is Judah’s 15th birthday. Crazy. He isn’t having a party for a few more days, so expect more on the topic then.

My teens are participating in Blimey Cow’s 72-Hour Film Festival. If you aren’t familiar with Blimey Cow, you should check them out. It’s a couple of formerly homeschooled boys who make hilarious short comedy videos. If you are Christian, you will find these particularly funny.

Wish my kiddos luck, and look for a link to the video when they’re done.



  1. Vivian

    so sad that he has had such a hard time. so sad for you too. i can’t imagine the stress of seeing him suffer. these should be years of fun, running, playing and learning to do the fun things toddlers do.
    praying for God to work a miracle in his life.

  2. DeTamble

    ETA: Pre-P.S. I realised the beginning reads like fancy spam, but I promise I am not a spammer!

    Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for nearly four years now and I’ve only commented one or twice before. Anyway, I wanted to comment now because a few months ago I found some information about diet that really changed my life and I thought you might be interested in at least hearing it, since I know you take diet really seriously.

    Beginning of last year my and my 18 month son’s teeth turned nearly see through and I started getting an insane number of cavities. I did a lot of research and found out I was massively lacking in fat soluble vitamins, and that my diet had way too much phytic acid in it. Phytic acid is the energy a seed uses to sprout, it’s in all seeds, which means it’s in all nuts and grains and maize. For humans to be able to digest it the phytic acid must be bound to calcium and magnesium, which is literally ripped out of your bones and teeth. If it’s not replaced fast enough you’ll get weak bones, something I have (previous fractures have even begun to unheal), and serious teeth problems. I’d never heard of phytic acid before, but I found plenty of information in Weston Price’s Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and Ramiel Nagel’s Cure Tooth Decay. If certain foods are soaked it’ll destroy the phytic acid. Anyway I radically changed my diet, which I had thought was very healthy, organic, plenty of vegetables etc. you know the drill. My cavities went away, my teeth are lovely and white again, as our my 18 month old son’s. The other thing I wanted to say was that I was dairy free because I have milk allergies, but turns out I can drink A2 type milk and I’m fine.

    Anyway, sorry about the length I know you’re a busy woman! I just wanted to let you know because this information changed my life incredibly and I figured it couldn’t hurt for you to know even more information, especially stuff which isn’t well known but really makes a serious difference.

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