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Go Take a Hike!

IMG_1043_6780 blog

Yesterday we met up with Hilary and her crew and headed out for a morning hike.

IMG_1041_6778 blog

My older five took off down a different (longer trail) and Hilary and I took the ten youngest on the shorter loop.

IMG_1042_6779 blog

Everyone did great…the children were happy. And loud.

IMG_1047_6784 blog

Jubilee sustained an injury early on. But being of tough Baker's Dozen stock, she was ready to hike again after stopping for a quick photo (of course).

IMG_1054_6791 blog

And Apollo? Well, he rode happily in the Ergo for the first half of the hike then he decided he needed to nurse. After a refreshing snack of milk he decided he was ready to take on the trail. This kid didn't just walk, he sauntered along, walking stick and all, as if his morning routine always involves a hike through the forest.

 All in all, it was an awesome way to spend the morning and I hope to do a whole lot more of this in the future.


  1. Erica S.

    We moved out to Colorado from the Pacific Northwest 13 years ago, and every time you post outdoor photos, I just drool. But what a great way to start your day! I’ll have to give it a thought…

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