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Going Vertical

IMG_5717_2333 blog

Apollo has gone vertical….he pulled himself up for the first time about a week ago.

IMG_5712_2328 blog

And now that's pretty much all he wants to do these days. He pulls himself up on the couch, the Lego table, the chairs in the dining room, pretty much anything.

IMG_5722_2338 blog

Apollo  has never been a very vocal baby, but once he gets himself upright, he squeaks and squeals until he's sure everyone in the room has noticed him. And clapped and cheered for him. He is so very proud of himself!

IMG_5723_2339 blog

He's even gotten brave enough to play one-hand-pick-up.

Apollo still commando crawls for the most part, but he is fast! He also now leaves the room…he's found his way to the dinning room, the entryway, the bathroom and the little boys' room…putting him down somewhere is no longer safe…he crawls where ever he wants.

His weight is up to 14 pounds 9 ounces, so he's gaining slowly, slowly…

His sleep continues to be completely erratic. One night he'll be up every 1.5 hours… the next night he'll sleep for two or three hour chunks. Last night he slept from 11 until 4… a five hour stretch!!! I can't even describe to you how much better I feel this morning. 



  1. Aunty Tara Bergeron

    so cute. Hey Renee when Elijah was diagnosed with Dyslexia one question they asked was how he crawled as an infant. Apparently that has a lot to do with brain development. They told me if a baby does not crawl the left hand, right knee, right hand, left knee way you should do a similar exercise to help make those important brain connections. Might want to look into it. I have a book on it. If you want I could find it and tell you more. Blessings & all our love, Tara & crew

  2. Aunty Tara Bergeron

    I just got a child to crawl for me and maybe the whole right hand left knee is not accurate but you get my point. If they don’t crawl the “typical” baby way. Blame my mistakes on baby brain. xox 🙂

  3. Delia Brands

    Maybe all that standing up & exploring is making him tired enough to sleep longer! I love the leg warmers – my boys used to get chapped knees from crawling but you can just pull the leg warmers up over his knees!

  4. Debbie

    What cute pictures. The leg warmers are adorable on him. All my children were also small. The doctor wondered about one specifically because he was gaining weight very slowly, but it all ended up just fine. Hopefully, the sleeping patterns will level out for you soon. Five hours is great! As you well know, it is amazing what sleep will do for you.

  5. Heather

    No wonder he can’t gain weight, he’s a calorie burning moving machine!! 🙂 Isn’t he super young for standing? I forget how old he is, he just seems so new still.

  6. jo

    I have 2 kids with mild dyslexia who crawled regular like and I didnt bother with crawling much myself, mama says I “up and runned” but when I did crawl it was regular, all her babies did regular crawling not army crawling, worm or scooting. but I was so dyslexic the therapist said I would never learn to read. I did but it was hard for me until around age 10-11. I dont have problems now, but my daughter struggles some and they both write backwards/use wrong side of paper and have other backwards problems. Whatever they have isnt as bad as mine was for sure…

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