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Just Another School Day…

IMG_5749_2363 blog 

Pizza crust rising next to the wood stove.

IMG_5747_2359 blog

Boys hitting the books.

IMG_5732_2355 blog

Avi and Tucker licking their brother.

IMG_5750_2364 blog

More boys hitting the books.

IMG_5746_2358 blog

Siblings bonding.

IMG_5742_2352 blog

Girls hitting the books.

What does your school day look like???




  1. Corrie

    Today we completely abandoned “school” (ok, pre-school and tot school) because of the beautiful sunny spring weather that has blown in. Hooray for sunshine!

  2. Lara

    Today I printed out math work sheets for my second grade teins instead f making up the problems myself:) they loved it and now we are heading into the library!
    Love your photos!
    Lara in Hawaii

  3. Erica S.

    Ahh,,,the beauty of home education. Today we had a sweet time of prayer in the morning, had 3 other families over for Presentation Day, made loads of popcorn, read books to the little ones, and started stripping the paint off of cupboards. And all under one roof, as a family. It is a blessed life indeed. Thanks for sharing from your corner of the world.

  4. jo

    We had area clean up in the nice sun, cover the exposed hay for coming rain, passed math and sp tests, did french for over an hr by accident, did reading assigned by tutor for daughter and son read another 1 million chapters in something… talked to daddy in Iraq. Talked to Nana on skype. Learned that armadillos are lizards, or wait that wasnt today. Homeschool rocks! Photos as always are great, did he have cookie dough on him or something else sweet???

  5. Debbie

    Our home schooling days look much the same with the exception that since we moved to a much warmer climate this past September we no longer have the wood stove. Love the pizza bread rising! Currently I have applesauce bread in the oven and yesterday I successfully made graham crackers!

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