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Missoula Children’s Theater 2012 {The Secret Garden}

My children love Missoula Children’s Theater. They have been involved with Missoula every year since 2009. They have done The Princess and the Pea, The Tortoise and the Hare and Robin Hood.

This year my school kids all auditioned and got parts in their school’s Missoula production, The Secret Garden.

Jubilee was a Canadian Goose.

Hezekiah was the cutest fox ever!

Avi was a shimmering firefly.

Tucker was part of the Secret Garden.

And Mordecai was a snail.

Missoula Children’s Theater is such a great program. The last three years my children have been involved in theater camps with them in the summer. Lucky for us, the little kids’ school hosted them this year so they all got to participate for free!

I was so happy and proud that they all chose to audition. They did such a great job.

Mordecai sang his songs on key and said his lines loud and clear. Jubilee overcame her shyness and did a great job. Hezekiah is a natural actor. I couldn’t believe how well he said his lines (even if he said them quietly). Avi fit right in and Tucker could be heard singing (but not shouting) above the crowd.

You  would never have been able to pick out my two with “special needs” from the crowd. Chuck and I always imagined homeschooling our children with special needs. The reality is, I don’t know how or why, but these two perform much better for others that for me. As always, we are committed to doing what’s best for them, even if it doesn’t fit in our “vision”.


  1. Crystal in Lynden

    My boys will love checking out these pictures. They really enjoyed their first experience with the camp this summer. I love how much it boosted their confidence and how proud they were of what they accomplished. They still sing the songs around the house and in the car. This program is an A+.

  2. liz guys have so many great things available to you where you live..the schools, the extra curric…Boys Scouts for home schoolers? Amazing!!! The school you talked about sending Mordecai with all the extra help. What a Blessing!!!!

    They look great! How fun! Parker is taking an “acting class” for one of his enrichment classes..maybe they will have something like this. My son however is not fond of loud noises…theaters/ loud music in church etc….does Avi have any of these issues?

    They all look adorable!

  3. MorganH

    Missoula Children’s Theater is such a wonderful program. When I was 6 or 7 (a long time ago), they came to the mountain little town I lived in and put on Cinderella (I was a pumpkin); it was such a wonderful experience for everyone involved. I’m glad to hear that they’re still around and providing kids with fun acting opportunities!

  4. Lou

    Just as a “not because of you message” (which I’m sure you know): sometimes it is also ratio. In my special ed classes there are NEVER more than 8 kids per adult and in reality usually 4 or 5. There are kids I can get to participate in schooling that I know wouldn’t if there were 14 other kids. (13? I’ve lost count of your numbers!! Haha!) My problem is often then teaching them to gradually be able to generalise that participation to the outside world when there isn’t as much one on one. So it is great to see your two involved in stuff like this theatre group. PS please tell said theatre group to come to Sydney! I’m always very impressed with your posts about them.

  5. Jodee

    My family LOVES MCT! Actually some friends grandkids were in that same play with your kids! I didn’t get to go but I heard it was great! There is only 1 school in Ferndale District that has ever done MCT and unfortunately it’s the one that will be closing after this year. MCT is such an awesome experience and I’m so glad my kids got to be a part of it. A few years ago my oldest said she wanted to be one of the tour actors when she grows up! Well, she’s 18 now and due to some medical issues is currently taking a different path but maybe things will change and she will get back to it.

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