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Heart Buddies

Apollo and Josiah

For years I’ve been attending Above Rubies Retreats down in Olympia, WA. And for years, Nicole has been doing registration (more often than not with a baby in a sling or a toddler at her side). We’d say polite hellos and enjoy our weekend.

Just after Apollo’s first birthday, Nicole’s son Josiah was born. Chuck and I were in the thick of trying to discover the root of Apollo’s health issues. Meanwhile, when Josiah was just two weeks old he got sick and Nicole realized something was very, very wrong. That day she learned that Josiah has some very serious problems with his heart. An urgent email was sent out, and I prayed for Nicole’s sweet baby boy. Holding my own son in my arms, I couldn’t imagine being told my child had heart problems.

When Apollo was diagnosed with a double aortic arch at 18 months, I emailed Nicole. We discovered our boys were scheduled to have heart surgery on the very same day…by the very same two surgeons! Dr. C did Josiah’s surgery, assisted by Dr. K. They then switched places and Dr. K did Apollo’s surgery assisted by Dr. C.

Seriously…what are the chances? And the two boys had rooms side by side in the Cardiac ICU. It was so nice to have a familiar face in the hospital.

Today is Josiah’s first birthday and yesterday we headed down to his house to celebrate.

Nicole’s husband had these cool flying lanterns. They were a huge hit.

Hezekiah (8)

Hanging out around the campfire.

Beautiful Josiah.

Dude, recovery from heart surgery is a real drag, isn’t it?

Happy Birthday, Josiah!



  1. Kimberly

    What sweet boys. Josiah is darling, and that picture of Apollo squeezing the water balloon and cheesing like it’s nobody’s business might be the cutest thing I’ve seen this week. And I have a three-month-old who just figured out how to belly laugh. Seriously, they are darling. Prayers for both boys and your families that the healing will continue!

  2. Nicole

    It was great to have you! It was so special to have so many there that were a part of Josiah’s hospital stay. I didn’t get many pics of the party though. Would you be able to e-mail me the one’s you snapped? You got some great one’s! We’re still picking up water balloons and paper from fireworks. Fun times…what a reason to celebrate! Thanks again from making the drive down.

  3. Mrs Tribble

    I’m a very long time reader, first time to comment. It is so nice to see your little guy Apollo is getting chubby!! What a difference, I’m sure it is a big relief for you and your family to see him doing so much better!

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