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Kiwi Fun {Ben and Aaron Visit}

{All the  outdoor photos were taken by Chuck, Tilly and Aaron. I took one or two of the indoor ones. Enjoy!}

Chuck and Ben hanging out at our favorite hiking spot.

Our Kiwi friends have arrived and it has been so much fun getting to know them. You long time readers will remember that Adalia spent summer 2011 in Honduras with Teen Missions International.  One of her team members, Ben, was from New Zealand. Ben and his brother, Aaron, have been traveling all over the US visiting friends. 

Enoch (12) and Judah (15)

Chuck already had yesterday off work (in anticipation of Apollo’s hospital stay) so he, Aaron, Ben, Adalia, Judah, Tilly and Enoch went hiking. They swam in these freezing cold waterfall-fed pools. Then they headed over to the much warmer lake.

Adalia (16)

Tilly (14)



Adalia- freezing cold.



Okay, after spending a few days with these guys, I can honestly say they are some of the nicest people I know. They are thoughtful, friendly and genuine. I’ve been friends with both on Facebook for the last year, but you just never know how that is going to translate in real life. In this case, it’s been great.

 {And just as a public service announcement, Aaron is 24 and single. Someone snatch him up, quick! Really, he’s a great guy and who doesn’t love a cute Kiwi accent?}

Aaron caught this cute shot of Jubilee (9).

A rare photo of Chuck and me in the same shot.

I’m hoping to get out my camera a bit more today since Aaron heads for home tomorrow. Ben will be with us for anther week and a half, so expect lots of photos of him.




  1. Aaron

    Yes it has been an awesome time visiting you all 🙂 I love the fish eye lense which is what I was using for the photos in the house 🙂 I soooo want a camera like that now. Oh and thanks for publicly announcing that to the world Renee lol. I’m disappointed that I have to leave so soon, I would love to stay longer, but now it means I will have to plan another trip to visit 🙂

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