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Paint by Sticker Review: Mess-Free Kid’s Craft

Paint by sticker review. Large family reviews.

Paint by Sticker Review: Mess-Free Kid’s Craft

Kids are busy and keeping them active is important. We live in a rural area where our kids can climb trees, explore the woods and build forts. But sometimes frolicking outside (or inside) isn’t an option. I am always on the lookout for projects that will keep my kids quietly occupied and learning.

Paint by sticker review. Large family reviews.

I recently saw these Paint By Stickerbooks on Amazon thought they would a perfect activity for quiet times. When I did a little bit of looking around I found that there are Paint By Sticker books for adults (like this one were you recreate classic works of art)  and simpler ones geared toward kids. I was interested in seeing how my six-year-old would react to this and whether or not he would be able to manage the stickers own his own.Paint by sticker review. Large family reviews.

I purchased the Paint By Kids: Zoo Animals and surprised my son with it. He excited and ready to dive in right away.Paint by sticker review. Large family reviews.

The pages with the animal outlines are made of heavy cardstock. Both the animal picture pages and the sticker pages are perforated for easy removal. Paint by sticker review. Large family reviews.

My son caught on to the concept right away and loved the challenge of finding the right numbered sticker and matching it to the right number on the picture page. He is in first grade and has a good grasp on double digit numbers but this activity is great for reinforcing the concepts. I think a five-year-old would have just as much fun with this.Paint by sticker review. Large family reviews.

The stickers were easy to peel off and place. The paper was forgiving if he noticed a mistake right away. The activity was more challenging than coloring and much less messy than painting. These Paint By Sticker books are perfect for traveling, quiet times and help develop fine motor skills.,

Paint By Sticker Kids: Zoo Animals


Perforated pages are easy to pull out.

Stickers are easy to peel off.

Challenging for kids.

Perfect for travel and quiet times.


I had no complaints about this.

Conclusion: My son loved his Paint By Sticker book and I loved that he could do it will very little intervention. This is a fun, non-messy art project that will help your child with number recognition and fine motor skills. This was just challenging enough that my son has been happily working on these and passing them out as gifts to family members. I am giving this 5 out of 5 stars: these are perfect and I want to give one to all my friends.


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