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Two New Picture Books That Promote Diversity in 2020

Hair Twins is beautiful book that shows the love between a sikh father and daugther duo.

You will not want to miss out on these two new picture books that promote diversity in 2021. A story of a father and daughter duo who bond over their hair, and something we can relate to…feeling cranky, right now.

These books were given to me for review purposes and contains affiliate links.

Hair Twins by Raakhee Mirchandani illustrated by Holly Hatam

Hair Twins is beautiful book that shows the love between a sikh father and daugther duo.

Hair Twins is a beautifully illustrated picture book about a little girl and her relationship with her father. Every morning Papa combs through his daughter’s hair, fixing it in a variety of styles. As they move through the world together they play games and meet up with friends along the way. 

A beautiful book celebrating diversity and hair-pride.

Hair Twins is a wonderful picture book displaying a Sikh father and daughter. This book was inspired by the author’s own experiences growing up. She is working to provide picture books that represent her family and culture. 

Hair Twins is great addition to any picture book library. 

Cranky Right Now by Julie Berry Illustrated by Holly Hatam

Cranky Right Now uses diverse characters to display something we can all relate to...being CRANKY.

Cranky Right Now. a charming book that everyone can relate to begins, “I’m cranky right now and I have my reasons. I’m cranky right now, and I don’t want to talk about it”. 

The rest of the book consisted of our protagonist listing off all of the many things she is cranky about. From not liking her food to being blamed for messes she didn’t make. She stomps. She makes loud noises. She crowns herself The Cranky King who needs a cranky nap. 

After a nice nap, the former Cranky King feels all better. 

We can all relate to the story told in Cranky Right Now.

 The sun is shining, she has a snack, listens to some music…but now, her younger sibling is cranky. 

No sweat. Our formerly cranky friend offers her blanket, a funny joke, a kitten to cuddle. Finally, she tells her young sibling to go scoot… “That is after you’ve borrowed my cranky boots.” 

A delightful book every toddler and preschooler will be able to relate to. We all feel cranky sometimes…but what do we do with those feelings? 

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