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That Time My Uterus Exploded, the Water Heater Died, and Sonic Puked

I went pee after surgery! sticker

I Bit the Bullet and Said Good-Bye to My Uterus

Ten days ago I had a hysterectomy, something I have been trying to avoid since my problems began, out of the blue, in 2012. After 45 years of faithful service, growing nine beautiful babies, and nine healthy placentas, I have to say, she has served me well. I am done using my uterus anyway (bring on the grandchildren) so while I might be a bit grumpy about needing to have an entire organ removed, at least I got my money’s worth.


Large family photos...not easy but so worth it!

My uterus personally grew and nurished nine out of eleven of these amazing kids!

Long story short: in 2012 I started having extremely painful periods with massive bleeding. I was diagnosed with adenomyosis (similar to endometriosis, but instead of the uterine lining growing outside the uterus, it is growing in the uterine wall). I have spent the last nine years trying different medications and treatments and finally ran out of options. To complicate things, I carry Factor V Leiden, so can’t take any medicine that includes estrogen, which limits my options somewhat.

Fun fact: my first visit to an ob-gyn didn’t happen until after I was done having babies. Every other visit I’ve ever had was with a midwife.

Hysterectomy recovery.

And as an added bonus, I now have some amazing photos of my internal organs…as well as shots of my abdominal cavity with and without the uterus.

The surgery went well. In addition to adenomyosis and fibroids, the doctor also found endometriosis and significant scarring from my c-section. One of the ligaments holding my uterus in place had so much scarring that it was pulling my entire uterus down into the lower right area of my pelvic cavity. Finally, finally an answer to the “sharp pain in the lower right” I have been describing for years.

My recovery has gone really well. Chuck was able to take time off, giving me almost two weeks of recovery with no responsibilities. I have been napping, resting, and healing since being home from the hospital. He goes back to work Monday, but I will still try to lay as low as possible.

My arm after a blood draw. Is it connected to Factor V Leiden?

My veins do not reliquish blood easily. This was from my pre-op bloodwork.

The doctor said six weeks for recovery and 2-3 months for everything to fall into place and become my new normal. For those of you who love gory medical details, I have written a graphic recovery post here.

Our Hot Water Tank Explodes and Chuck Saves the Day

In other news, our hot water tank exploded (much like my uterus) flooding our downstairs. Among other muck and messes, this tragedy led to the discovery of my Secret LEGO Stash and Summer Snack Cache. You know, the locked closet where I store unbuilt LEGO sets I find on sale or are on my wish list and I plan to build in the future. And the easy, portable snacks I’ve been slowly stocking up on for summer trips to the lake and beach…

In a stunning turn of events, Chuck just happened to have a SPARE HOT WATER TANK he brought home from a demolition a few years ago. Pack-rat husband for the win!

He has spent the last two days removing the old hot water tank, spent hours with a professional carpet cleaner sucking the water out of our carpet downstairs, and installing the new (ie: stored in our carport for years) hot water tank. The kids have been helping with vacuuming, running the carpet cleaner, and hauling crap from the soaking wet areas of our home to the dry spots. All while I lie in bed and watch…

Chuck shampooing the carpets of my Mini Cooper

And now The Man Who Works So Hard is shampooing the carpets of my Mini Cooper. You know, the one Sonic barfed in just before my surgery?

Sonic Vomits Explosively…All over Mordecai and My Mini Cooper

In-laws campout meet-up

What, I never shared with you about the time we crashed Emma’s family’s campout, and five minutes before arriving at our destination Sonic puked, twice, flooding Mordecai’s lap and much of the back seat with dog vomit? So, yes, the Bergerons pulled in, totally on-brand bringing chaos and vomit like only large families can.

Crashing the in-laws campout.
Apollo, Tucker, and Hezekiah roasting hot dogs around campfire.
Tucker eating fresh clams cooked over a campfire.

Here Tucker is eating fresh clams cooked over the campfire. I think Emma’s expression pretty much says it all. Spoiler alert: Tucker survived and lived to see another day.

And that, my friends, has been our June so far. How is your summer going?


  1. Nicole

    I’m pregnant with our sixth child (3 were adopted). Two weeks ago I had to have an emergency cerclage. I’m now on modified bedrest. But we’re both still here so I can’t complain. While I was on the operating table, this one surgeon had to leave because the woman next-door had her cord prolapse. The baby was fine, but it made me think of you and Apollo. Hope the rest of your recovery goes smoothly.

    • Renee

      Oh, wow. So glad the baby is fine! Best of luck to you. My sil had to have a cerclage for her pregnancies and both her babies are now successful adults!

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