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Summertime, Birthdays, Rehearsals, and a Spiderman Venom Cake

Spiderman venom cake for Apollo's birthday.

Well, I’m just over a month past my surgery. Healing has gone well. Things got exponentially harder once Chuck went back to work (so surprise there). Since I was out of my room and moving about the house, the kids kept keep forgetting I am still recovering from surgery. No lifting or heavy work for 6-8 weeks (yes, my dear children, that includes baskets full of laundry).

Apollo and his grandma.
Apollo and my mom.

Apollo turned 11 this month and Avi turned 16 (she doesn’t like me posting pictures of her and I respect that).

Apollo opening gifts on his 11th birthday.

Thankfully, Apollo’s birthday requests were simple. LEGO sets, video games, a day with his friend DJ, oh, and this Spiderman Venom cake. I said, sure thing, and then moved on with my life, obviously not thinking about it again until the day before his birthday. Since I am always organized and on top of things, I baked this cake at about 8 am on the morning of his birthday. I set it on the counter to cool and made a mental note to put it somewhere safe to keep the animals out of it. I left the kitchen for approximately 5.786 minutes and returned to find this.

The cake our cats attacked.

I didn’t have time to stress about it and instead chose to be thankful that I made three layers. Apollo wanted to head to the lake to swim (it was well over 100 degrees) and thankfully Chuck was home to take him. As soon as they left, headed off to the store to buy red fondant. Don’t worry, it was only two pm by this point.

Back home again, I layered my cake and began decorating it, working off of a tiny picture on my phone. Halfway through, I realized that maybe I should watch a video since, you know, I’ve never actually worked with fondant before. The video confirmed what I had come to suspect…I’d done everything wrong. I had no time to worry about this either, so kept on working until I decided it was close enough (and I really needed to sit down).

Spiderman venom cake for Apollo's birthday.

Thankfully, Apollo was thrilled with the result.

Emma and Enoch at their rehearsal dinner.

Emma and Enoch were married in a beautiful ceremony on June 28th. For some reason, like Ben and Adalia, they chose to get married on a Tuesday morning. The venue and ceremony were perfect, with just immediate family in attendance (they will have a big reception at the end of this month). In true Enoch style, they left the venue, changed clothes, then headed to the airport for their 6 pm flight to Hawaii. I am so happy for them.

And I am so happy they aren’t moving to New Zealand.

This was the best rehearsal dinner ever.

These pictures were taken at 9 pm when the temperature was still over 100 degrees. This was at the rehearsal dinner the night before Emma and Enoch’s wedding. Every rehearsal dinner should include a pool party.

In addition to our hot water furnace breaking and flooding our downstairs, we just went through a major heatwave. The temperatures were up to 110 degrees, completely unheard of for our area. And before you laugh at us for freaking out, keep in mind, we live in a temperate rainforest. Most people don’t have any air conditioning. We manage summer with open windows and a couple of box fans. The heat was relentless and not cooling off at night. But, we survived.

Pool party rehearsal dinner.

I am feeling better, but still struggling to find the time and space to work on my business. I am hoping to get back to a regular schedule here soon (don’t laugh too hard).

And, in other news…

All About Tacos Printable Worsheets and Unit Study

I am also so so excited to be included in this year’s Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle. What exactly is the bundle? I’ll be sharing more soon, but in short, is a HUGE bundle of homeschooling products you can purchase at a major discount. This allows you to see and try new curriculum and products and find more creators you love. I included my All About Tacos unit which has over 50 pages of activities and projects!

I am looking forward to getting the Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle myself so I plan our 2021-2022 school year!


  1. Kat

    Glad to hear about all the exciting things going on! Apollo had grown up so much. I hope I hope the North and the South have both learned something about kindness and empathy with our weather experiences this year. I should text this got what for much of the country is a perfectly reasonable amount of snow and it completely shut us down. Now you guys are getting one of our typical summer heat waves. It’s miserable but manageable if you have air conditioning, the clothing for it, etc. Same as the cold it’s all about being prepared. I’m glad you had the pool to help you make it through!

      • Renee

        Exactly. Three inches of snow shuts everything down here. I grew up in Alaska…it’s a hard adjustment. As far as heat, having no good way to cool down our house (our living room has windows on three sides, it’s a solar oven) it was well over 100 in our house.

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