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The Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle is the Best Money Saving Deal of 2021!

Apollo adding fresh lime juice to his guacamole.

You do not want to miss out on this year’s Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle which just happens to include my All About TACOS unit!

Ulitmate Homeschooling Bundle 2021

Raise your hands if you love TACOS! Of course you do. Tacos are the perfect food because they can be totally customized, vegetarian, vegan, you name it. Spread out your ingredients and everyone can customize, just they way they like it.

Tacos for the win! A perfect weeknight meal.

Did you know that without nixtamalization you couldn’t have corn tortillas? Did you know you can make your own corn tortillas at home with just two ingredients? Have you ever wanted to make your own guacamole? Or pico de gallo?

All About Tacos Printable Worsheets and Unit Study

My All About TACOS unit study will have your students doing all this and more. Designed for kids ages 8-12 this unit study includes over 50 pages of fun, taco-based activities. You and your students will learn about the science and chemistry behind making corn tortillas, the history of tacos, and how to avoid the deadly pellagra!

These fun taco cupcakes are part of the All About Tacos Unit Studay.

In addition, this unit study covers math (graphing, tally marks, Venn diagrams), a fun taco writing lab that will have kids designing and advertising their own taco trucks, and FIVE kid-friendly recipes, including dessert tacos and taco cupcakes.

But the best news of all? My All About TACOS unit is a part of the 2021 Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle.

Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle 2021

The 2021 Ultimate Homeschooling Bundle has resources inside for homeschooling kids from preschool through high school. It includes poetry appreciation, reading, phonics, personal finance lessons, science, nature, language arts, and more! It even includes resources to support the homeschool parent (things like planners, summer survival techniques, how to encourage chores, and even how to get started with homeschooling.

If you buy by midnight tomorrow, you can also get a free bonus from KiwiCo (value $19.95).

Seriously, my friends, this is an AMAZING deal you don’t want to miss out on.


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