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Our First Canadian American Kiwi Granddaughter Has Arrived!

Tilly, Abel, Jared, and Juniper in the hospital.

The most exciting thing to happen around here in a long time is the news that Tilly’s new baby has arrived. I don’t want to steal her thunder, so I’ll keep it short and sweet (and link to her post when she updates her blog).

Tilly gave birth to Juniper Eve last week. She is home and happy, adjusting to life with a new baby and a toddler. My heart is shattered that not only was I able to be there, but there is no opening in sight to be able to head to New Zealand and visit.

I am so very thankful for being able to video chat. Abel loves to talk. He will carry on a back and forth conversation for as long as you want. Now, he doesn’t exactly speak English yet, but he chatters endlessly, wildly gesturing with his hands the entire time. He will smile and squeal, then get very serious, furrow his little brow, and explain things in a very serious tone of voice.

Juniper on the left, Tilly on the right.

And by the way, Tilly clearly just cloned herself with baby Juniper. From the bald head to the chubby cheeks and scrawny little hands…And the nose and mouth? Yup, pretty much identical.

Apollo and friend playing at Waypoint Park.

In other news, after 11 months, in-person school has started up. Apollo begged me to send him back as soon as he heard about it. He told me he would die if he didn’t get to go back to school. It’s not homeschooling he hates, it’s the isolation from his peers. So, back he went. Just two days a week and three days via Zoom.

Other than that, it is business as usual. The teens suffering through making the best of distance learning and I am reading, writing, doing lots of food photography, and plenty of laundry.


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  1. Suzan

    Congratulations. How very exciting that the little one is here safely. She will be much loved and cared for by all. A first granddaughter is very special.

    I understand your pain. One of relatives lives in the USA and is due soon. Her mother truly wanted her to come home to Australia for the birth. This covid thing makes life impossible.

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