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Pike Place Market

Saturday was a fabulous day. I drove Adalia down to Seattle to meet up with her online friend, Ginny.

Ginny found my blog around the time I was pregnant with Apollo and Adalia was taking her doula course at Bastyr. Ginny was (and still is) very interested in midwifery and being a doula. She began emailing Adalia and the girls developed a deep friendship. Ginny and Adalia have been emailing/Facebooking and talking on the phone for three years now.

041313_1876 blog

Just this past week, Ginny and her mom flew to Seattle to check out a couple of schools and the girls finally had a chance to meet in person. 041313_1874 blog 041313_1872 blog 041313_1870 blog

 Aren’t they just adorable?coffee, seattle, pike place market

Ginny, as it turns out, has an amazing knack for finding the best spots to eat. For lunch she chose Volunteer Park Cafe. All four of us thoroughly enjoyed our lunches. The atmosphere was incredible and the food delicious. I hope to go there again.

After lunch we headed out to Pike Place Market. I mean, come on. We couldn’t have friends visit all the way from Massachusetts and not go to Pike Place.  pike place market

pike place marketpike place market, pepper string, peppers pike place market

The girls had a ball there. I’m pretty sure they could have spent all day. And all night there.

pike place market

And they were game enough to do a silly pose for me in front of the Pike Place Nuts sign.pike place market, fish tossing

And it wouldn’t be Pike Place without a little fish tossing, now would it?

041313_1926 blog

And since Ginny’s real name is Virginia, we had to get this shot. I call it Virginia Inn the Rain. You can’t see it in the photo, but it was raining pretty good at this point.

pike place market, policeman on horse, pike place market horse

The icing on the cake for our day, was when Ginny called that evening to let Adalia know she made her decision: she will be going to school in Seattle in the fall. We can’t wait to see more of this beautiful, lovely young lady.



  1. Delia

    Beeeyouuuutefulll photos – your children are so blessed that you are documenting their lives in such a wonderful way!

  2. Angel

    My comment really has to do with you and your family and posts like the one about the wart and the one about the goldfish. we have 8 kids, 7 are boys. Those kinds of stories ARE my life….. Because of that and how much your life sounds like my life, when I tell my husband about something you post, I refer to you as “My-Friend-Who-Does-Not-Know-Me.” He always knows I mean you. : )

  3. Anna

    The girls are just so awesomely funkily groovy and look like they bee-long in Seattle. Ah, I miss my youth and the ability to dress up so fun. (I think my children would look at me strangely if I pulled out my favorite boots and dressed the way I did when I was 17).

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