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Pretend Midwife Kit and Midwife Printables

Why Midwife Printables?

DIY midwife kit with printables for dramatic play at home, school, or day care.

I have had nine babies, all with midwives (well, my last was an emergency c-section but all prenatal care was done by a midwife). My children were always a huge part of the prenatal visits and loved being a part of the pregnancy.

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DIY midwifery kit for dramatic play. Your kids will love these midwife printables..

A few years ago I made a DIY Doctor’s Kit and recently decided to expand upon that by making doctor’s printables…but since I am currently getting certified as a Childbirth Instructor and recently knit a placenta, I was thinking, wouldn’t it be cool to make some midwife printables for kids to play with?

This diy pretent midwife kit is sure to delight any child who is interested in birth.

I put together this DIY medical kit so Apollo could play midwife or doctor. He loves it and really loves the printables. After sharing them with our homeschool buddies, he came home asking me to print some just for him.

This Pretend Midwife Kit Includes

German Medic Bag. This was only $14.99 on Amazon and is made of sturdy canvas. It is perfect to contain all the items for the midwife kit.

Also purchased on Amazon were Dual Head Stethoscope, 1 mm syringe (these can be used both to give “medicine” and “shots”, chip bag clips (to be used as umbilical cord clamps), bulb syringe (to suction baby), pocket otoscope, rubber gloves, due date wheel, retractable tape measure, bandaids, and I included the pulse oximeter we already own.

For your convenience, I also included everything in my Amazon storefront, so you can see it all with one click.

Pretend Midwife Printables

Midwife and Birth Printables for Dramatic Play

My dramatic play printables can be found over at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Older siblings will love playing with this midwifery kit with printables.

Please let me know what you think of these and if you have any requests for printables in the future!



  1. Jennifer Buczynski

    My girls pretend to be midwives all the time! I have so much trouble finding resources for this. Thank you!

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