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DIY Doctor’s Kit: How to Create an Awesome DIY Birthday Gift

Create a fun DIY doctor's kit that any child is sure to enjoy!

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Create a fun DIY doctor's kit that any child is sure to enjoy!

Recently we attended a birthday party for five-year-old Izzy. I asked her mom, Sarah,  what she is into  and she answered, “Playing doctor”. I thought this was hilarious because Izzy has several sibling with special needs and it very used to spending time in hospitals and doctor’s offices with them. It is totally fun to play doctor when your siblings, and not you, are the patient! I did a quick search on Amazon and was disappointed by all the doctor’s kits available:

Why, why, why do they all have to look so fake and cheesy? None of that stuff looks real; especially to a kid who is used to spending time around doctors. Then I remembered when I was getting ready for Apollo’s first heart surgery, I bought him some medical equipment off of Amazon. I decided to make Izzy her very own doctor’s kit using real medical supplies.

Create a fun DIY doctor's kit that any child is sure to enjoy!

Here’s what I included:

Pink Stethoscope

Reflex Hammer

Pocket Eye Chart

Bandaids (Doc McStuffins, of course)

Ace Bandage

For the same amount of money that I could have bought a toy kit with, I was able to fill a bin (we had this lying around the house) with real medical supplies.

Create a fun DIY doctor's kit that any child is sure to enjoy!

When Izzy opened it she was so excited. She immediately said, “I love it! I am going to play with it everyday”. When she saw the pink stethoscope she said, “I didn’t know they came in pink!”

We are picky in our house about toys, and I loved being able to bring a smile to Izzy’s face with this simple gift.

What is your go-to gift for birthdays? What is the best present your child has ever received? One of Hezekiah’s favorites was a box of plumbing joints and pipes that he could build with!



  1. Katie

    My dad made my son his own piggy bank. It has a path for the coins to drop in and a plexiglass window so he can watch them. It has made saving money really exciting as he can see the amount grow. He did cry when I took some out to roll it and deposit in the bank though! My dad also made him a homemade balance beam too! Simple toys are awesome!

  2. Aurora

    My niece was very afraid of monsters under her bed. So I bought a nice smelling spray in an organic shop (I think it was lavender?) and put this pic( on a label. Label on the spray, spray to niece – she was delighted!
    The next best present was (or is) an abonnement: I´m from Germany and we have a wonderful magazine about science here (similar to National Geographic). They are publishing a magazine for kids as well and I a year-abo for her for her birthday because she is always curious about facts and wants to know every detail. This was 5 years ago and she asking me every year if I can prolong it one year more…

  3. amanda baker

    My son’s favorite gift was a kit I put together for him to build and create with. I included a random assortment of small wooden items (like spools, rings, and dowels), various types of strong and tape, pipe cleaners, and other things like that. I put them in a set of small plastic drawers and he plays with it for hours.

  4. bemis

    We got our 3-year-old daughter the same stethoscope for Christmas! Plus: you can easily cut the tubing smaller for shorter kids. Minus: little siblings can easily pop the earpieces off by chewing on them (just be aware if Izzy has little siblings). It’s a great stethoscope and our kids love it…especially that they can really hear heartbeats.

  5. bemis

    Harmonicas (the clear plastic Hohner ones for littler kids and the Blues Band for 4+ are great, inexpensive options), wooden spoons for babies. We just put together an art kit for a 3-year-old friend (washable paint, paintbrushes, wooden frame to paint, glitter glue, and a dollar store painting apron)–it was very well received!

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