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Shhh….Apollo’s Sleeping

Are you sick of pictures of Apollo yet?

Don’t mistake these photos for photos of a boy who can sleep anywhere. They are actually photos of a boy who has a whole lot of trouble sleeping. Here he finally conked out during a tube feed and I laid him on the couch. Apollo has not gone down for a nap or to sleep at night without being rocked since his MRI in January. His rather lengthy medical history has made him very anxious about sleep.

The good news is, he’s sleeping well at night about twice a week now.

I’ll take what I can get.



  1. Lucy

    It’s so lovely to see some chub on his cheeks and a little pot belly Renee 🙂 You guys are doing a fantastic job, you’re a wonderful mother.

  2. Emily

    Who could get tired of seeing pictures so cute? He has beautiful eyelashes and hair. It is good to see him looking a little more peaceful and healthy.

  3. vivian

    i am not tired of seeing any of your children. I am never tired of reading about them either!
    so thankful you are getting “a little” rest.

  4. jessi glauser

    What a glorious sight he is!!With every bit of extra sleep he gets his body recovers and grows some more.As he ages he will learn to sleep but think of all the extra loving you get to bestow on him and recieve.x

  5. Lou

    I’m also NEVER tired of pics of any of your kids but esp the GORGEOUS Apollo who is such a sweet little fella. And I love the pics in the post below especially!

  6. Delia

    NEVER tire of Apollo photos, especially ones like this: angelic curls & eyelashes, chubby cheeks and peaceful snoozing!

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