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Sweet, Sweet, Brothers

Someone’s looking mighty healthy these days.

Thank God for modern medicine.


  1. Peg

    It’s too early for blackberries, what are they eating? He looks great, Renee, it’s good to see him smiling. His brothers are doing a great job being, well, being Big Brothers.

  2. Anna Macdonald

    Yeah, I am greatly amused at the fact that you posted no less than 6 photos of the two boys eating out of that can, and in not one of those pictures can you see what they are eating. I think there’s a hint of red between Apollo’s fingers in the second picture, so my guess is… strawberries?

  3. Jessica

    My first thought was that I could barely see his ribs!! He’s looking so great! It’s amazing what can be done now. Thank God for the doctors who were able to do the procedure so he could get healthy.

  4. Jo

    It has been such a long road for your family, but he just looks like a normal baby. Somehow the tube even looks more comfortable, less large and in the way in these photos. I am so happy for modern medicine! We should thank God for giving us the ability to develop the amazing technology that increases our quality of life. I had a step-dad once who said that God was against medicine. We should never see the doctor, or go to the hospital. My mom took my brother to the hospital once, and he lived there for a long time and almost died of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. My mom told me it was wrong, to not go, that God was pleased with people who chose to use their brains to help others, to develop medical treatments. I am very glad that the doctors collectively found ways to help Apollo, he just looks wonderful! Tucker is pretty cute also…

  5. kris

    Wow, what a difference the feeding tube is making. It’s wonderful to see your little guy smiling and happily eating with his big brother. I’m guessing that his true personality is getting a chance to shine through these days!

  6. karen

    praise God for answered prayer and a boy who is happy while eating. so thankful that you can rest knowing that apollo is no longer ravenous. thankful for the bergerons!

    • bakersdozenandapolloxiv

      Karen- that has been a huge change in him. I think now that he isn’t on the edge of starving, he can actually eat now. He doesn’t eat much (he can’t) but now the screaming is gone! A huge answer to prayer.

  7. Alyssa

    I’ve never commented on the blog before….but I’ve been a faithful follower since Apollo was born! I just was amazed at how good he’s looking…truly! I can’t believe all the trials that little guy has faced in his first 2 years….praise God that things are finally looking up for Apollo!

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